a safe chemical free water cleaning process

distilling process

The dirty water is boiled, this kills most of the contaminants, gasses are released as well as anything with a lower boiling point then water. The chemicals are then sent through a different path then water. Opposite to the contaminants with a lower boiling point contaminants with a higher boiling point stay behind as the water evaporates. The clean distilled water is then cooled until fully liquid. You can repeat this process with the distilled water multiple times in order to achieve better results.

distiller Materials

  1. pipes
  2. water tank
  3. heater
  4. carbon filter

long term effects

The distillation process only lasts as long as the water isn't contaminated.

effect on humans

Distilled water is not harmful because it does not involve chemicals.

Interesting facts

  • Distilled water is cleaner than tap water.
  • If you pour distilled water into a cup then pour it back into the rest of the distilled water, all of the water becomes contaminated.


It takes 20 minutes to distill about 1 litre of water.


On Amazon a water distiller costs $229.00.


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