How to make smores

Receipt for how to make Smores

Ingredients Needed:

Graham crackers, broken into squares
Hershey's plain milk chocolate bars, broken into sizes to fit the graham cracker squares
Large marshmallows

Equipment Needed:

8 wood sticks or long metal skewers (for roasting the marshmallows)
Bonfire, campfire, fire pit, or an commercial indoor S'mores Maker


Take one (1) large graham cracker and break it in half (one for top cracker and one for bottom cracker). Notice graham crackers are scored across the middle, creating two sub-crackers. Break apart at this part. Repeat with additional graham crackers.

Unwrap chocolate bar. Break bar into smaller pieces as indicated by manufacturer's indentations in the surface of the chocolate. Cover one of the graham cracker halves with chocolate pieces to fit your graham cracker.

Put a marshmallow (or two) on the stick and hold it over the fire until roasted. Toast marshmallows over a campfire, turning the stick until the outside of the marshmallow is golden brown and just starting to get mushy. NOTE: Some people like to roast them for a few minutes, then make them catch on fire, blow them out, and then the marshmallows are done to their liking. Your choice on how you like your marshmallows!

Take your toasted marshmallow (still on the stick), and lay it on the side of the graham cracker with the chocolate. Now take the other half of the graham cracker and cover the hot marshmallow, pressing down firmly enough to pull out the stick.

When the S'more is fully assembled, let it sit for a few seconds. The heat will somewhat melt the chocolate and you won't burn your mouth! Now squish the S’more between your fingers and eat it. Make sure to lick the "marshmallow goo" that slides out the sides.

Now you are done and you can eat the smore