The gifts of spring...

and other great news!

Hello World! ...And happy spring!

It's been a very cold winter for so many. I'm sure, if you're like me- you're pleased that spring is gradually making its way into your life. As, I complete my graduate degree in Health & Wellness Coaching at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, I've been reminded of the teaching gifts found in traditional healing practices. According to Eastern traditions, Spring is a time for new growth (upward and outward movement), creativity, rebirth, organizing, clarity, forgiveness and hope. With spring comes new life. Tiny new shoots show themselves to announce, "I'm here and ready to shine!" We too, are blooming and growing as we move into spring.

In the spirit of these teaching gifts, ask yourself…

- What’s new in your life?

- What are you giving birth to, literally, metaphorically, symbolically?

- What steps can you take to move things forward?

Take the time to ask yourself this. You may be surprised at how your life is unfolding. Consider the value of spring-cleaning for your mind and soul!

What is it costing you to stay stuck?

Stuckness can show up in SO many ways!
- stress
- anxiety
- sleeplessness
- taking on too much, over-working
- unfinished projects, in action
- depression, anger, sadness, argumentative behavior
- reduced wellness, physical pains, illness, lack of energy
. . . just to name a few.

SO- what to do?
For starters... B R E A T H E.
It's how I start all my coaching, team-building, corporate wellness and playshop sessions. It's a super simple way to re-calibrate. It brings a little space into places that feel really wound up tight, making it easier to take the next right step.
Don't let STUCK get the best of you!

Take the Spring Challenge!

Dive deep, get still, take a walk in the woods & breathe in the board room... with Annelies! Here's what you can do...
- Call to schedule your first coaching session
- Send me an email to say you're interested in joining our next group coaching session.
- Invite me to your office for a wellness forum

This spring, invite awesome into your life & workspace!
Many blessings and have a beautiful and happy spring!
In gratitude, Annelies

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