The Genesis Connection

A Monthly Newsletter for Through the Lens Photography Club

"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1

June 2013 Edition


June Meeting

Tuesday, June 11th, 7pm

Gateway Church of the Nazarene, Oskaloosa, Iowa

Are you ready for some photography fun? I'm putting together a fun activity for our meeting this month. You'll want to bring your camera with you because we'll be going on an adventure filled with photo ops and intriguing clues. See you on the 11th!


Ideas to Inspire You


Lens Lessons: Photography Tips & Tricks

The Power of POV (point of view)

While light and composition are important factors in creating dynamic photos, perspective (point of view - POV) can affect the mood of a photo. Your viewers are humans, and their actions are governed by psychology. If you understand how the mind works, you can "control" the feelings a photo arouses in your viewer.

Shooting From a Height Lower Than the Subject

This is the angle you go for when you want to make something look influential, majestic, dominating, powerful, and admirable. The human mind instinctively recognizes the subject as dominating and powerful when the images is shot from below.

Shooting From the Same Height as the Subject

Shooting from this angle usually makes the viewer think of the subject as friendly, trustworthy, sociable, and of equal standards and influence. For example, a smiling businessman extending a hand towards the viewer should be at the same height as the photographer. A lower level would make the businessman seem insignificant, and positioning his head at a higher level would make him look almost patronizing and unfriendly. The images taken at the same height are typically used for marketing purposes, so the viewer feels welcome and unthreatened.

Shooting From a Height Higher Than the Subject

This tends to make the viewer feel like the subject is under his or her control and less influential. As an example, this angle could be used with glamour and fashion photography. A beautiful girl photographed from a higher level than her head, looking towards the camera with appropriate facial expression, can instinctively attract attention of male viewers (based on the fact that males usually want to be dominant).

Shooting With a Creative Eye

A photographers main job is to try to capture a photo that has likely been captured by dozens of other photographers, but to do so in a way unique from all the others. In other words, he/she strives to create a photo that stands out among all the others. POV is one way to put a new spin on the ordinary. Try looking at things through different eyes. Rather than taking a photo of a tree from a distance, try getting up close and take your picture through the branches or looking up the trunk. As you shoot, experiment with different angles. The more you experiment, the more you will discover what works and what doesn't work.


The Go-To Source

The featured "Go-To Source" for this month is a new find for me. I stumbled upon Photography Blogger in my quest to find new information to pass on during our next club meeting. This unique blog connects you with other notable photographers, offers a section for inspiration, a wide variety of videos, tips and freebies, reviews of photography books and websites, photographer showcases from the blog's Flickr group (also a great source for inspiration), and a collection of awesome time-lapse videos for inspiration or just plain viewing pleasure. Be sure to bookmark this blog and visit it often. (For those of you familiar with RSS feeds, the site contains a link for a subscription to their RSS feed for constant updates).
New York Day


Photographer of the Month - Mechele Harger

Mechele has been a faithful member of Through the Lens Photography Club from its inception in January of 2012. As a matter of fact, she was instrumental in encouraging me to start the club long before our first meeting ever took place. Mechele and husband Ted share a passion for photography and often travel around the countryside in search of new locations to shoot. She is faithful to upload her photos to her Flickr page as well as the club's theme pages and has recently created her own Facebook photography page Harger Digital Creations. Check it out and "like" the page so you can keep up with her amazing photos! Her love for photography, and her skill at the art is very evident when you look at her work. In the days since the start of Through the Lens, her Flickr photo stream illustrates a remarkable improvement in skill. Mechele is a living, breathing example of how practicing your skills yields dramatic results.


Next Meeting

Tuesday, July 9th, 7pm

Gateway Church of the Nazarene, Oskaloosa, IA


Contact Info

Through the Lens Photography Club is a Christian-based photography club open to anyone aged 16 and over, living in the Oskaloosa and surrounding areas, with a passion for the art of photography. The aim of this ministry is to unite, in Christian fellowship, those who share an interest in capturing the beauty of God's creation through the art of photography, and to provide educational opportunities to promote and encourage the advancement of its members in the knowledge and practice of photography.


Remember to Bring Your Camera to Each Meeting!