Rainbow Beach

Why is Rainbow Beach such a special Australian environment?


Rainbow Beach is a special natural environment located in Queensland, on Fraser Island.

Rainbow Beach is a special environment in many ways. Firstly, there are several natural features of Rainbow Beach. These include the colourful sand, beautiful beaches, sunsets, frequent rainbows and animals like dolphins.

Rainbow Beach is also special because of the man made features. Rainbow Beach has many special man made features like hotels , resorts, cities, shopping centres, boats, houses, parks, restaurants, boat houses, buildings schools, cafes and a theme park. These facilities can be enjoyed by the tourists and the people who live there.

Rainbow Beach is also special in many ways including land use. This beach area was once known as a Back Beach. Sand mining was carried out in the Rainbow Beach area up until 1976. This area is now used by tourists who visit throughout the year. Water sports such as windsurfing are very popular.


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