Class News

Miss Sweeney's Kindergarten

Thanksgiving Celebration

We learned a lot about the Pilgrims and Native Americans before the Thanksgiving break, and even had our own Kindergarten feast!


We are learning all about "five-wise" and "pair-wise" as different ways to show numbers. We use ten-frames to show how numbers can be broken apart differently in these ways. The pair-wise lends itself to the natural discovery of odd and even numbers.

Example: 7 shown on a ten frame

Five-wise 5 (on the top row) + 2 (on the bottom row)

*this way fills the top row first before moving to the bottom row

Pair-wise 4 (on the top row) + 3 (on the bottom row)

*this way puts the dots into partners top and bottom

We practiced matching the same number shown five-wise and pair-wise and also sequenced the numbers in order 1-10.


We have started a new science unit: Forces and Motion. Our first lesson with Mrs. Zahn was about pushes and pulls. The children used various materials to push and pull a ball from one line to another on the floor WITHOUT their hands! Students worked in partners and had a BLAST figuring out different ways to push and pull.

Suessical the Musical!

We had a GREAT time at the Marriott Lincolnshire seeing "Suessical!" We read "Horton Catches an Egg" and discussed the similarities between the book and the play. The children were able to observe so many details that were consistent or varied between the two.

Holiday Projects

We have completed so many holiday projects already. The projects we work on this time of year correlate to a different part of the world that celebrates the holidays in a specific way.

Here are some of the projects we are doing in class:

England- stained glass window, stockings

Holland- Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas) wooden shoe

Sweden- St. Lucia Day

Israel- Hanukkah, dreidel game

Mexico- Poinsettia flower

China- Chinese New Year (January)


Our CAFE menu board is well under way. We use this board as a part of the reading workshop lessons for both whole class and small group.

C- Comprehension

A- Accuracy

F- Fluency

E- Expanding Vocabulary

The board has menu items similar to food in a restaurant, except these items are all skills or strategies that make up an excellent reader! As a new strategy is introduced, we tack it on to the board in the appropriate section. Then, during individual conferences or small group lessons, the students self-identify (along with my guidance) one strategy they need to work on by placing a sticky note with their name next to it.

So far we have talked about summarizing, checking for understanding, comparing/contrasting, using the pictures for tricky words, chunking letters and sounds together, using beginning and ending sounds to figure out a new word, and using context clues to predict and confirm the meaning of new vocabulary.

Holiday Party

Friday, Dec. 18th, 1:45-2:45pm

Our classroom

All are welcome to attend the Holiday Party this Friday! Shannon Bilcox and Krysia Ressler are our room moms organizing the party.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.