Looking Back on January

Isabelle McLean and Naomi Ashkenazy


At the beginning of January we played Jeopardy. The questions were all about what we learned from September through December. The kids were divided into two teams. Boys vs. Girls. In the end the boys won. But it was all for fun.


Fantasy Writing

Jessie is writing her fantasy story, Transporting Watch in the picture to the right. Each person had to pick a fantastical element that would have to be mentioned in the story. No one knew what they would pick.

Book Talks

Evan does a book talk on The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan. He did a great job and told the full summary of the book.

Author's Purpose

Positive Paw Party

In the middle of January the school had a Positive Paws Party. How you earn a Positive Paws Party depends on the whole school to follow the 3 R's. When kids follow the 3 R's around school teachers hand them a positive paw which puts the school one step closer to a Positive Paws Party. Everybody danced to songs and ate popcorn outside. We also wore funny hats.

Movie Pajama Party

In Room 09 kids spent two hundred tickets on a Movie and PJ Party! It was a full day of fun. First the Movie and PJ Party then the Positive Paws Party.