Sudan Water Crisis

by Sam G, Ethan T, Mitchell S.

Water problems and availability

Sudan's water crisis is a serious issue. To get water in the morning, all you have to do is get out of bed and head over to the sink. For Sudan, they have a grueling, life-threatening 5 mile hike, just to get a bucket of water infested with bacteria and disease. Some diseases coming from the water in standing ponds are extremely dangerous. Some examples of these diseases is Guinea Worm Disease and Hepatitis E.

Population and Statistics

The population of Sudan currently is 38,764,090. Which is far too many people attempting to get a small amount of available water.

1) Over 80% of Sudan's total water goes towards agriculture.

2) In Sudan, only 2% of its total water goes towards domestic use.

3) In 2006, there were 476 recorded deaths from unclean water.


A common solution to water purification is a water treatment plan. Some easy ways are small straws that have purifiers built in. So, you could potentially have the entire Sudan population drinking from a standing pond, without getting sick.
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