Hornet Happenings

May 2018

Principal's Note

Dear Parents,

I wanted to alert you to a concern we have at the middle school. In recent weeks we have become more aware of students using "vapes" or "e-cigarettes" both outside of school, and sometimes even on campus. Consequences for doing so are significant, not only in terms of discipline, but also, even more importantly, health consquences. I have attached an information sheet from the Center for Disease Control. Please take the time to share what you have learned with your student.


Robert E. Watson


Counselor's Corner

Self-harm and self-injury

Cutting is often foreign and frightening to parents. It involves intentionally cutting the skin with a sharp object and is the most common form of self-injury that adolescents exhibit. It is primarily done as a means to cope with painful emotions or to express emotional distress. Adolescents often self-harm due to social difficulties, trauma, self-punishment, mental health disorders (depression or anxiety), or for attention. As adults, we understand that this behavior is very harmful and could lead to more damage and psychological problems down the road. The key to helping your child is to be aware of self-harm, the signs, and treatment. For more information about this topic, please refer to the articles below:



If you are concerned about your child or someone you know, please contact Mrs. McKinney at mckinna@gowcs.net for more information and support.

Cardboard Arcade

Battle of the Books

PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports)

Staff members at Williamston Middle School continue to recognize positive behavior among the students.

  • 45% of the student population has been nominated for student of the month
  • Staff members have rewarded students with 2,219 buzz tickets

The last day of school is approaching quickly! The PBIS team is organizing a fun last day for students. Students will rotate among three stations with their grade level. Activities will include a photo booth, karaoke, lawn games, face painting, sidewalk chalk, kickball, soccer, Frisbee, and much more! If you would like to sign up to volunteer to help with these activities, please click HERE. Thank you!

April Students of the Month

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WMS Math Competition

The WHS Mu Alpha Theta put on an optional math competition for 7th and 8th grade students in the afternoon on Wednesday, May 9. There were over 100 students that signed up and participated in this fun event. Medals were given to three top performing teams below and a trophy to the overall individual winner. Students enjoyed working together and celebrated with pizza at the end of the day.

Hornet Summer Challenge

We encourage all students to participate in the WMS Hornet Summer Challenge. Click on the PDF below for more information about activities, resources, and the log to complete and return in August.