Hillcrest Elementary School

September 10, 2021

Hello HCE families,

Talk about a whirlwind start to the school year thanks to tropical storm Ida. I hope that you all have recovered from her impact. On another note, it was awesome to see our classrooms and hallways filled with eager and excited children ready to take on the joys and challenges of a new year. There are so many great opportunities in store for this school year.

Please read the information below in its ENTIRETY. There is important information regarding emergency contact updates, family educational trips, emergency drills, upcoming calendar events, etc. Additionally, there are some attachments that correspond with the information included in this email.

Enjoy the weekend!

Nakia Jones-Tate

No School on Thursday, Sept. 16th


Our Postponed Back-to-School Night will be held on Monday, September 20th for Grades 1, 2, 3.

Classroom Presentations Begin at 7 PM

Visit Special Area Teachers from 7:45 PM- 8:15PM- Instructional Support, Instrumental Strings, Speech, Literacy Support, PE, Art, Nurse, Guidance

Please note that Back to School Night is an overview of the “day in the life” of your child. This evening is not a good time to discuss individual concerns about your child with the teacher. Private appointments can be scheduled, with the teacher, should you need to discuss individual concerns.


Two placards were provided to families in Grades 4-6 on BTSN and sent home with Primary students last Wednesday. Placards must be displayed in full view for staff to see, when you or your designee are picking up students as car-riders (see the photo for an example).

If your child is an infrequent car-rider, please be sure to store this placard in a safe place for those random times when you will be picking up your child.

Please contact your child's homeroom teacher if you still need a placard.


Here are a few reminders about the arrival and dismissal of students:

    • Parents are encouraged to double check bus pick-up and drop-off times on the Home Access Center over the weekend, as changes may occur with pick-up and/or drop-off times.
    • Please be patient with our transportation department. It usually takes about two weeks to finalize bus routes. If you have any questions or concerns after the first couple few weeks of school, please contact the Council Rock Transportation Department at 215-944-1010.
    • Typically on the first few days of school, dismissal can take a few extra minutes. It is really helpful when parents review the plan with their children regarding how they are going home (bus rider, car rider, Champions, etc.).
    • Please do not drop your children off at school in the morning before 8:50 a.m. as there is no adult supervision available until that time.
    • During arrival and dismissal, children who are car riders should always exit on the passenger side of the vehicle to entirely avoid incoming traffic. In addition, parents are not permitted to pass another vehicle while children are attempting to exit.

  • Below is a map of our parking lot. There may be adjustments to our procedures once we see everything goes.

    Blue Lines= Buses Only & Late Drop off after 9:10 AM

    Green Lines= AM/PM Car Rider Drop Off/Pick Up Only

    Yellow Lines= Parent Car Rider Exit

    Big picture

    Aerial View of PARKING LOT/Car Rider Route- Green Lines to Enter...Yellow Lines to Exit

    Big picture



    Within the first 60 days of school, we must conduct emergency drills within our building. These drills help us practice what we should do in the event of an emergency. Fire Drills are practiced monthly. Today we practiced our first Fire Drill. Students and staff did an awesome job with exiting the building quickly and safely. Because we are using the parking lot for our fire drill, cars will not be permitted to enter the area during this window of time.

    We also practice Lock Down Drills for an inside & outside threat and Shelter-In-Place. Lock Down Drills are designed to protect our children in the event an intruder enters the building (inside threat), dangerous incidents in the surrounding neighborhood or intruder on our school grounds (outside threat). Safe Shelter is designed to protect our children from weather related emergencies. Teachers review these procedures with students at the beginning of the year.



    Attached is the electronic Handbook Parent Signature Form. We ask that you read or review the Parent/Student Handbook and the Code of Conduct (links included) .

    After you read this information with your child(ren), please complete this electronic form. The form is meant to be completed as a family; so you DO NOT need to complete separate forms if you have multiple children.

    Electronic Parent Signature Form

    Please complete this form on or before Wednesday, September 15th.

    Chrome Book Update

    Chrome Books will be distributed to every student next week during their assigned library class. As students bring them home, we ask that you simply charge the device and send back to school on the next day. Teachers are excited to get back to pencil and paper instruction; but there will be times when chrome books will be used during the school day.

    Many parents have already completed the Chrome Book User Agreement form. We ask that you complete the attached agreement if you haven't already done so. Unfortunately, Students will not receive a Chrome Book if we don't have a completed form.


    Please complete the “Update Student Information” form accessible via Home Access Center (HAC). You must complete this form for each child. To access this information, click the “Update Student Information” link located on the left hand side menu of the HAC web page and follow the instructions. Only one guardian should complete this update form. We ask that you complete this update ASAP.


    In addition to the demographic and emergency information, parents should also locate the Publicity Exclusion section in Home Access Center (HAC), if you DO NOT want your child photographed during the school year. You do not need to make changes if your child can be photographed/video-taped during the school year.



    We thank you for your patience and cooperation as our Transportation Department and First Student work out glitches with the bus routes. During the first few days of schools, please expect delays in pick-up and drop-off. However, these delays should be no more than 10-15 minutes. Should you experience longer delays in the afternoon, please contact the Hillcrest Main Office before 4:15. We will make contact with First Student to determine the delay and possible arrival time. After 4:15, you should contact First Student directly at 267-757-0413.

    We (HCE) will notify parents via Blackboard Messenger should a bus experience delays in leaving Hillcrest after 4:00 PM. However, most delays take place once the bus has departed Hillcrest. We notify parents of these delays via Blackboard Messenger as soon as we are made aware of the delay within the community.

    Please see below paragraph regarding AM Bus Delays.


    Hillcrest is unable to send courtesy emails RE: AM Minor Bus Delays to the community. When buses leave the Bus Depot headed into the community to pick-up students, we have no way of knowing the delays that may occur prior to arriving at Hillcrest. As a third party, we have not been able to consistently and effectively communicate this information as a result of many factors; but largely as a result of the timing in which we receive the information, which is most often from parents waiting at bus stops. As a result, please contact First Student directly at 267-757-0413, if your AM pick-up is delayed. They will be able to address your concerns, directly, and provide you with first-hand information regarding your bus. First Student is equipped with a GPS system that can give you the direct location of your bus and the expected arrival time. Unfortunately, Hillcrest cannot provide you with this information and has been unable to communicate delays in a timely manner. Often times the situation has been rectified, before we have been able to prepare the communication to send-out.

    Entry into the Building

    In order to gain access to the Front Office of our building, the following will occur:

    • School visitors will push an audio intercom button located at our front door entry area.

    • School visitors will use the front entry audio intercom system to communicate their identity and purpose of visit with a Front Office staff member

    • Front Office staff member will confirm visitor identity using the new system’s camera feature and permit Front Office access

    Once in the Front Office, visitors will sign in as a building guest, show ID, and complete the Raptor identification process to receive a visitor tag. Please always be prepared to show ID.


    Attached is the form to be completed for Family Educational Trips. Handwritten letters are accepted, however this form is preferred. Please be sure to submit the form/letter at least ten (10) days prior to your trip, for approval. Please contact Debbie Kunzig, attendance clerk, at dkunzig@crsd.org if you have questions regarding this process.


    All Council Rock students in grades 1-8 are eligible to receive a free lunch if they so desire. A student receiving a free meal must choose at least 3 items for the lunch to be considered complete as per the Department of Child Nutrition regulations, one of which must be at least a half-cup serving of a fruit or vegetable. Anything less than this will be considered an a la carte purchase and must be paid for by the student.

    Snack prices depend on the items. Please note that snacks will not be served during the 1st few weeks of school.

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    As we begin the 2021-2022 school year, we want to inform you of our policies regarding attendance. You can read the district attendance guidelines by clicking on this button.

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    • Thursday, September 16th - No School for Students
    • Thursday, September 30th - Picture Day
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    HCE School Supply List

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