Tech Updates at The Bend

November (Part 1)

Updating Passwords in ClassLink

The following steps are helpful for a variety of reasons. If you've reset your password to one of the tools located in ClassLink, use these steps to update the credentials ClassLink uses to pass you through; if your students need to store their credentials for Pearson Realize, these steps can help with that too.
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Email and File Server Storage

Storage space on our email and file servers is limited. Please delete emails and files from the temp drive that are no longer needed to help our network and servers perform at maximum potential.

Tip: Your Recycle Bin is hidden! In the search bar on the bottom left of your desktop, type "recycle bin," then open and empty your Recycle Bin to fully remove the files from the temp drive.


Remember to restart your computer daily. The recommendation is to restart in the afternoon as you're leaving. Note: Restarting is different than "signing out."

Restarting your computer allows it to catch any updates that have been pushed out from the district.

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All five of the Thanksgiving-themed BreakoutEDUs below are fully digital. Click the picture to access and share with your students!
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Augemented Reality with Quiver Vision

Visit Quiver Vision's website to learn how to bring your students' artwork to life! Below is a Turkey "mask" you can print and invite students to decorate; then using the free Quiver Masks app, bring their creation to life! The short video below the coloring page will walk you through this fun and easy-to-use app!
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Quiver Masks App