Automated Teleporter Helmet

Company : MSN (Most Successful Non-sense)

Our Product!

Our product is new way to watch videos and play video games. It is sweeping the nation by storm on how creative and amazing it is! How does it work you ask? Well wonder no further! All you need to do is put on our hand made automated teleporter helmet and stick our portable button on your Console/PC/TV and off you go, into the amazing new world of anything you want!
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Some examples of this product!

Where they are located

Our product can be located at many different stores from superstores like walmart to electronic stores such as EB Games, Gamestop and The Source

What are you waitng for?

Go out and Buy it NOW!!! It is a great deal and MSN has some

great ideas to offer so why wait? lets go!For a bit more on how

this product works and some other features that you surely

will love you can watch our upcoming presentation/revealing

for our product!