Please Stop Laughing At Me

By : Jodee Blanco


Please Stop Laughing At Me was about Jodee's life and how she was constantly bullied from her elementary through high school. Jodee tried switching schools multiple times, her family eventually just moved. Everywhere Jodee moved to was the same everywhere she tried to fit in at. She was beaten, spit on, pushed around......... She had a hard time keeping friends because she was sticking up for what was right, which this was "uncool" to all of her classmates/friends. Jodee was always upset because no one understood what Jodee had gone through, even her parents and teachers. After high school, Jodee tried to get rid of the fear she had to go to high school communions and she couldn't face it.

Character Analysis

Jodee Blanco was a girl that was bullied throughout her grade schooling. She moved schools many times, but kept getting bullied throughout every school she moved too. It was hard for Jodee to fit in and keep the friends she made because she would always stick up for the students that were getting bullied her classmates thought it was "uncool." All Jodee really wanted a friends.


Throughout Jodee's high school she didn't have any friends because everyone either picked on her or just ignored her. After changing school several amount of times, she met a girl named Annie which she was a outcast also. After Jodee and Annie became friends Jodee's high school experience began to kind of turn around. Like people didnt make fun of her as often and she started to realize that having even one person as a friend to look out for you and be there for you, believe in you.


After high school (20 years later) Jodee was invited to 20 year high school reunion. She decided to go, but when she gets there she wont get out of the car. She sits in the car thinking about if they still don't like her and if they'll continue picking on her. Then she thinks about if they've just forgot about it, if shell fit in, but all she did was let herself down, telling herself negative things. She finally just goes in and everyone welcomes her nicely and has conversations. She got invited to go have drinks with all of them. She said in the book that she had a great time and that she could finally for him them and herself.


jodee was bullied all of her grading school, she tried to fit in but everyone would just look away and ignore her. Jodee was physically abused, she was thrown around, spit on, bruised up, etc. "When you're a victim of any kind of abuse, you can do two of things. You can learn how to turn your pain into purpose and make a difference in the world, or you can allow it to extinguish the light inside you." I feel like that quote is meaningful because sense Jodee was pushed around and beaten in many ways, that quote references to what had happened to her. The things that she has gone through and how she forgave herself and her classmates.

Textual Evidence

"Daddy please, no." I pleaded. "That'll just mean more doctors and more psychological tests." I feel like Jodee needed this help to try to stand up for the bullies, but then again i fewlt bad for her because she felt like it wouldnt help her with the bullying at her school.

Book Review

I would give this book a five because I like how the book is. I like this book because she explains her true story on how her grading school years were scary and very painful for her. She explains everything that she had went through and how she was treated by other people. I think other people should read this book because Jodee explains what it like to get bullied and some things that the victims of bullying goes through.

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