Mrs. White's Kindergarten News

March 13, 2015

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone had a great week! We sure enjoyed having some warmer weather and outdoor recess!!! Please keep in mind when getting ready for school, that we will be going outside for recess and that we go out early in the day when it is often not as warm. Kids should still be wearing coats or heavier sweatshirts to school.

Leprechaun Traps: I am sure you have heard about our visit from John John The Leprechaun!!! He made a surprise visit and left us quite the mess to clean-up! Each student is to make a trap to see if we can catch him in the act on Tuesday, March 17th!!! All traps need to be at school by Monday so we can set our traps before we leave!!! I can't wait to see if we can catch out little friend!

Important Dates:

March 16th: Leprechaun Traps Due

March 17th: St. Patrick's Day/ Wear Green

March 23rd: Fire Safety Presentation by CFD (Carmel Fire Chief will visit Kindergarten)

March 25th: CHS Planetarium Field Trip (Return permission slips ASAP)

March 27th: Spirit Day/Backwards Mismatch Day

April 3rd-12th: Spring Break/No School

Classroom Update:

Reading: We will be starting Unit 8, Sun, Moon, Stars Above. Our big question for this unit will be What is in the sky? Through this unit we will explore some early concepts about the sun and moon and space. As a part of this unit, we will also be visiting the Carmel High School planetarium at the end of the month!!! Our comprehension skill for this week will be, asking questions as we read.

Word Work:

Letter of the Week: Aa (long a sound like tape, name, rake etc)

Phonics Skill: Identifying/substituting middle sounds

Sight Words: find, there

Vocabulary Words: time, early, late, sky

Writing: We have started writing about our opinions on topics and using our words to help convince others to help make a difference.

Social Studies: This week we talked about where we live and how that question can have many answers. I can live in Carmel, Indianan, America, Earth. We also talked about our address and why it is important to know where we live. If your child does not know their home address and phone number, now would be a good time to start practicing it at home. The kids have been taking turns getting up in front of the class to recite their address!