We Are Family

A Porter Family


Uniform Policy

The uniform is not meant to punish us it is to make sure we are all equal. Some people don't like it but they have gotten used to it and have grown to like it. There is nothing wrong with our unifom policy it is not about what we wear it is about how we are on the inside. Our uniform consits of Red, black, blue, white or a porter t-shirt on top ( shirt ). with Navy blue, black or khaki ( NO DENIM ). Dont forget we always have to tuck in our shirts.

Ways to get involved ......

There are very many ways for your children to get involved and there are very many ways for you the parents to get involved. Parents get involved i ways like Career Day and Day of the Arts. Children can get involved in many ways too. They can get involved by participating in things like the science fair, spelling bee and Safety patrol.

School of Excellence

SOE 2014-2015 Video