Hair Stylist

By: Alanna Peck

What Hair Stylist do.

A hair stylist is someone who shampoos, cuts, colors, and styles men and women hair. She/he is also trained to discuss scalp and hair issues, cut and style wigs, and remove unwanted hair. Hair Stylist also stand on their feet 95% of the time. Hair stylists need to be good listeners to fulfill the needs of their client. Sale skills are also helpful when being a hairstylist.

What education they need.

Hair stylists need a high school diploma or GED to apply to cosmetology school and then they typically graduate in 9 months to a year with an associate's degree in cosmetology. Most states require hair stylists to be licensed.

Pros and Cons

Pro- You can get to do what you love and provide for your community.

Cons- Costumers would be very hard to please sometimes.