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October 12th-16th

Reading and Writing

We have completed 5 weeks of Unit 1 in the Wonder's program! This past week students continued practicing asking and answering higher thinking questions in their reading. They have also had more practice determining main idea and details. This coming week students will take their post-test on ask and answering questions. Post-test? Wait, when was the pre-test? About 2 weeks ago before we started to learn ask and answer questions the students took a pretest. Of the 101 questions they asked, only 11% were thick questions. From this data we were able to focus our instruction in the areas needed. My goal is to do better including some data in our newsletter throughout the year so you can see our growth in learning too! This coming week students will also be working on reader's theaters in their small group. Reader's theater is a great way for student's to work on expression and fluency in reading.

In writing each unit of study has a required writing assignment. In Unit 1 students must write a personal narrative. A personal narrative is a true story of something that happened to you. Students will have to use their learning from their lessons on sequencing to use time order words in their writing. Personal narratives also have quotations which will be a new skill for the class. I always find it easier to write a personal narrative over an event that was humorous. Some students find it easier to focus on an event that had an impact on them. Please work with your student this weekend to brainstorm a few ideas that they might use to write their personal narratives next week.


This next week we will finish up our study of Unit 2. This past week students received instruction on the foundations of division. Students drew pictures of concepts, used number models, and drew division arrays. Students were introduced to the concept of frames and arrows. Students will have another math exploration day to explore concepts of fractions, liquid volume, and area. We will also take timed tests and our Unit 2 assessment.

Goal Setting

Ever set a goal for yourself? Goals help you stay focused and motivated. Students in the 3rd grade have data folders to help them focus on what's important, work with the end in mind, and stay motivated to reach their goal. In their student data folders students make reading goals for the year and set strategies to reach their goal. They also graph oral reading throughout the year, graph their math fact timed tests, and add data and test taken over each trimester. At conference time students can share their goals and data with you. In this week's guidance, Mrs. Dick worked with the students to write a goal for timed tests. The majority of the class is still working hard to complete addition and subtraction timed tests. This is a skill that students were to have mastered by the start of 3rd grade. Most students selected subtraction as their focus and set strategies like using online practice games, worksheets, and flashcards several times a week to make their goal of 5 tests at the goal mark of 34 or higher out of 40 in 2 minutes. Please check with your student about the goals that they set for themselves and how you can help out at home to help them reach their goal!

Going Away Party for Ms. Rockefeller

We are having a short going away party Friday, October 16th. It will be Ms. Rockefeller's last day and we wanted to celebrate her time with us. We thought having a cookie decorating party would be fun. I have ordered sugar cookies from food service and we are asking for some help with the other supplies. Please consider giving if you can, but please don't feel required to. The link below will take you to a GoogleDoc signup.


Picnic Pictures

Class Happenings!

Monday, October 12th

Day C- Music, Timed Tests, and Bear Buddies

Tuesday, October 13th

Day D- Mind Up and PE

Wednesday, October 14th

Day E- Guidance and Library


Thursday, October 15th

Day F- 9:00-10:30 am Musical Practice at the Performing Arts Center (PAC)

Webster Night at Jimmy Johns (128th and Meredith)

***6:45 pm- 3rd grade Musical at the High School PAC- Theme is pajama party so students are to wear their pjs.

Friday, October 16th

Day A- Library, Computer Lab, and PE

Ms. Rockefeller's last day

Picture Retakes