Root Plugs

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What Are Root Plugs? Here Are Some Basics

While root plugs look like the corks used in wine bottles, that’s where the similarities end. There offer some great characteristics for getting your seeds started. In this article, we're going to tell you more about root plugs so you will know exactly what we're talking about.

A root plug is something that you use to incubate seeds and cutlings – so that the roots grow properly and, as a result, the grown plant is healthy. Healthy young plants lead to healthy older plants. You can think of it as an incubating chamber where the seed is nurtured with life-giving nutrients and genetic material.

If you're growing plants for a living, or like to enter your plants into contests, you will know the importance of a root plug along with the other materials that are needed for cloning or propagating plants. It's a small unit of nurturing but it goes a long way.

The good thing about it is that a set of plugs does not cost an arm and a leg – it is very affordable considering what you're getting. If you search online, you will see that a set can costs anywhere from $10 to $30. A normal set of replacement plugs usually come in 50 or 100 bags. They can also be bought in large bulk sizes that contain several thousand. These are specifically sold for large scale growers and professionals.

When choosing a brand of plugs, you need to look at the manufacturer ratings and the customer reviews. Like everything else, not all brands are created alike, and there are those much better than others. Typically better brands have nutrients built in or retain moisture for a longer period of time. As a plant grower, you obviously want to have. The best in quality, especially if you are in the business to make a profit. In this case you plants are you product and they should be give the best chance to thrive.