Naegele News


Join us for our 5 Regions Walkabout!

  • We have returned from our trip around the nation, and third graders have really become experts on the five regions!
  • Come join us in the Portland on December 11 anytime between 9:30-11 so that we can show you what we have learned about different states, cities, and landforms in the United States!
  • We will be working on our projects in class, but students are also encouraged to work on their Walkabout projects at home if they can. If students work on their projects at home, just write "Walkabout" in place of a book title in their reading logs, and this will count this week.
  • Options to share learning that have been suggested include: *travel brochure (chromebook) *teach a traditional song or dance *write a short report *photo collage (no color printer available at school) *make a meal, take a picture, and share the recipe *create a map or list of landmarks with pictures *create a map of the region *state posters *state flags and symbols *write about similarities and differences to Springfield *Make a collage/poster of state/region facts *Create a prezi or powerpoint for the region, topic, or state *create a model of a landform in that region *any other idea you can come up with!
  • Sorry, we aren't allowed to share food with students.

Class Dojo Down

We have been experiencing technical difficulties with ClassDojo, and our site has been down. I will send out reminder passwords and a note when our class site is back up. Thanks for your patience as we get it worked out!

Lice Alert

  • We have seen an increase in lice cases in the school lately. We wish to reemphasize that lice can live in clean and dirty hair, and that anyone can get lice! It happens to the best of us!
  • Lice do hate warm, dry hair, though. They live in wet hair. Our nurses tells us the best prevention tip other than just not sharing brushes and hats is to be sure to go to bed with dry hair--using a blow-dryer after bath time, especially at night, can really help!
  • Another thought is to encourage kids to slow down on super close "selfies" with their friends... touching heads can spread lice through frequent direct contact.
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Tooth Truck

  • Yesterday an application for the Tooth Truck went home! Please fill it out and return it to see if your child qualifies for free dental care!
  • The tooth truck will be here next week.
  • Call Nurse Rachel with any questions at 523-4630.

Caring and Sharing

  • Way to go! Thank you so much! Our families brought in enough food on Monday that we earned the banner for Caring and Sharing for the day.
  • Let's continue to bring in whatever food items and change we can for the rest of the week. Officially, third grade is supposed to bring in canned meat items and quarters, but I am sure that other food items and change won't be turned away.
  • The cool thing about this project is that it benefits families in our Portland community, and we can all find something that we don't use that someone else might!
  • Thanks for sharing!
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Winter Celebration

  • Stay tuned for news about our winter celebration, which will be held the afternoon of Thursday, December 17.
  • Winter break begins Friday, December 18 and runs through Sunday, January 3.

Other News

  • We are finishing up our division chapter this week and will take our test on Friday. Our word work test will also be on Friday. This will be our last word work test before winter break.