May 17, 2016

Mission & Vision Statements:

The mission of Northeast Elementary School is to inspire, educate, and empower students to be successful socially, academically, and physically in order to prepare them to meet the challenges of the future.

Our vision is to ensure that students SOAR to the highest level of success because "college and career readiness" begins with a strong academic foundation.

Lyle's Loving Logic

"What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child."

-George Bernard Shaw

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Thank you to Jaye Johnson for providing the interesting information above!


"As I was walking to my classroom I saw our wonderful Ms. Holla looking beautiful with her new hairdo. I told her this much and asked if she donated her hair…..she said 'yes, to Addison in Mrs. Hunt’s room'. This truly touched my heart. She gave that entire family a gift they would remember a lifetime. As a mama, I can’t imagine how grateful and appreciative Addison't mama is. What a wonderful Mother’s Day Amanda provided for her."

-April Massey

"Addie Kaack is a kindergartener in Mrs. Hunts room. She is full of enthusiastic spirits and has never let anything get her down despite her diagnosis. This summer, Mrs. Kaack will take the 13 inches I donated to a hair institute in Nashville. The process of making her newest hair prosthesis will take about 6 weeks to complete because they stitch the hair in by hand rather than machine."

-Amanda Holla


"Those little sayings hanging in the bathroom put a grin on my face every time I go in there. A shout out to whoever thought to do that!"

-Sylvia Johnson

"I have a shout out for Mr. Baggett. My clock broke and he went out of his way to make sure I got a replacement very quickly."

-Mary Lawrence

"I have noticed that Miss Richards eats lunch with a different student everyday. I have never seen a teacher consistently do this before and I think it is awesome!"

-Shelly Jamison

"I would like to send a Shout Out to Mrs. Tanner! Although she is no longer on the Arts & Authors' Committee, she still assisted us with the drafting of the night's informative flyer! She was definitely going above and beyond for her Northeast Family."

-Amanda M. Holla

"I would like to give three shout outs if possible:

  1. Melinda Robinson – She offered to step in for Mrs. Davis with assisting with her Kindergarten class before, during, and after the program.
  2. Kindergarten Team + J. Johnson – They assisted in helping me distribute materials during the Kindergarten program as well as monitoring the students.
  3. Finley – Last minute, Mrs. Finley added the piano application to the iPads for my rather large 5th grade class."

-Amanda Holla

"What a wonderful field day!!! Great job PE Teachers!!!!"

-Teri Lindsey

Please show recognition to our hard-working faculty & staff members! Send shout-outs to Lauren Finley, Kim Flint, or Helena Jones. :-)

TO DO...

1. RTI data folders - RTI teachers meet in Megan's room during your planning with your completed RTI folders.

2. Stop by Dr. Lyle's office this week to sign your professional observation form.

3. Promotion/Retention letters will be mailed on Friday, May 20th. Please make sure you have communicated with parents that their child will be retained.

4. 1st - 5th: Add to your newsletters that all missing textbooks will have to be paid in full before report cards are released. Scanning will begin May 16th starting with 5th grade.

5. Awards - get certificates from the EAs and ribbons from Mrs. Misty.

6. Last day of School - Please turn in the Green/Red all clear Fire Drill signs to Mrs. Misty.

7. Math Teacher Editions have arrived!! Please e-mail Ms. Brandt to pick up any out of adoption textbooks asap.

It's been a busy week at NEES!

Book character day, Arts & Author's Night, Kindergarten Music Program, & Field Day
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Collage by Barb Peterson
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10 Day Forecast of Upcoming Events

5/18/16 - Zaxby's Spirit Night

5/18/16 - Recognize Food Service, Cafeteria Monitor, Equipment Operators, Food Service Equipment Repair, Substitutes

5/20/16 - Grade Verifications due by 11:00 AM

5/20/16 - RTI teacher's End of Year meeting

5/23/16 - K-2 Vocabulary Parade; 3-5 Idiom Parade

5/24/16 - Kindergarten Tea

5/24/16 - Sock Hop - Celebrating our Reading goal of 20,000 books read this year!!

5/25/16 - 5th Grade Celebration and Choir Program 11:00; Pre-K Celebration 1:00

5/23-25/16 - Individual Grade Level Awards Ceremonies

5/26/16 - Last day (Half Day) Breakfast will be served, No Lunch: Cars 11:15, Buses 11:35. We will have our end of year luncheon…Please bring desserts!

5/27/16 - Staff Development: No Students; NEHS Graduation 4:00 PM

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Barbara Terrell

Sylacauga, Alabama

What’s the most rewarding thing about what you do?
The most rewarding thing for me is to see a smile when a student connects to what I am teaching.
Why did you choose this profession?
I was inspired by my second grade teacher and I knew this is what I wanted to do for students.

What is one thing people might not know about you?
I love music!

What profession other than your own would you most like to attempt?
There is no other profession that I would want.
What is top on your bucket list?
Going on an Alaskan cruise.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
I do not want a super power.

Tech Corner


Padlet is a great place for gathering ideas, sharing them and modifying them later. It’s like a living, breathing webpage. Users can add links, YouTube videos, files and images to Padlet notes. They can move and arrange them. A link to a Padlet can be shared and Padlets can be embedded into webpages.

Here are 20 ways to use this versatile tool in class:

1. Bell ringer activity — Ask students what they remember from the previous day’s lesson. The ensuing page should summarize what still needs to be taught and should serve as a good place for students to review content.

2. Predicting activity — As you proceed through new content with students, stop and let them predict what will happen next with notes on a Padlet. Later, refer to the Padlet to see how close students’ guesses were.

3. Collaborative notetaking — While listening to a presentation, students can work together to add notes to a Padlet to produce a resource they can refer to later. This also works with staff meetings!

4. Event planning — If you’re planning a class party or a field trip, all of the information can go on a Padlet, including photos of the destination, a list of who’s bringing what, links to pertinent websites and more.

5. Living webquest — Webquests have been static webpages that included links to sites and questions. They often didn’t change. Students can create a living webquest where new links are added continually. You can create questions at the end of the activity to the links available at that time.

6. Exit ticket — What did you learn today? What didn’t make sense? What questions do you still have? Students can answer those questions on a Padlet and refer to it later.

7. QR code Padlet gallery — Students can create a Padlet with information/images/links on a certain topic. When done, they can print a QR code to it (use the “Share/Export” button on the right) and a related image and/or title. Place those QR codes around the room so students can see each other’s work.

8. Ask for suggestions or ideas — Let students, parents or others share ideas for improving. Be careful, though — asking for suggestions like this can begin a flame war of negative messages. You can enable moderating (Settings > Privacy > Moderate posts) so you approve posts before they’re public.

9. Class document hub — Upload important class files to a Padlet so students can go there to download them any time.

10. Whiteboard answers — For a more personal and engaging touch to answering questions, students can write answers to questions or ideas on a small whiteboard. Then, using a camera on their devices, they can snap a picture of themselves holding the whiteboard (or sheet of paper) and post it to a Padlet.

11. Field trip documentation — Going on a trip? Add pictures of it to a wall using the camera on your device — or on student devices. If you have access to wi-fi or cellular data, upload those photos on the fly. Give parents the link before leaving and they’ll be able to see updates instantly during the day!

12. Poster presentations — Replace poster boards with Padlet. Have students add images, information and links. Then embed them in a class website.

13. Research resource gathering — Students (or groups) can create their own individual Padlets to hold ideas, sources, etc. for research. That way, they won’t lose important papers and everyone will have access if someone’s absent!

14. Class/club updates — Create a message board for your class or club with a Padlet to announce changes, post photos or deliver important information. Take it to the next level and have updates sent via email or text using this trick.

15. Collect videos to share in class — Gather all the YouTube videos you want to show your class in one place. Those videos are clickable and viewable from the Padlet. Then, post a link to the Padlet on a class website (or just provide the link) so absent students can watch to catch up.

16. Sub lesson plans — Need to miss a day of school? Create links, add photos and post videos to leave for your substitute teacher to provide students. Include a video of you giving directions so there’s no miscommunication!

17. Interactive storytelling — Create a story and ask students where it should go next. Students can type their ideas into the Padlet. Take student ideas and continue story.

18. Image tagging — Have students upload a picture as a background. They can post notes on that message to highlight and explain certain parts of the image.

19. Introductions — Students can create an introductory Padlet at the beginning of the school year showing things about themselves. They could revisit it at the end of the year to see if it’s changed.

20. Gather responses globally — Create a Padlet with a question and post it on Twitter, a blog or other social media. (A hashtag like #comments4kids could help more people see it and respond.) See where in the world responses come from!

Looking for some more ideas? These sites have them!

MEME Corner... Laugh Out Loud

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Please e-mail Lauren Finley, Kim Flint, or Helena Jones if you have good news you would like to share, suggestions, or "Shout-Outs!"