Ancient Greece Spy Journal Project

By: Grace Wilson and Daelyn Sanders

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Grace – I, Genesis Milonas, just got ordered from Captain Ajax that my mission is to go spy on Sparta because we all need to know if they are going to send a spy over to Athens for war. Since I was going to be gone from Athens for a while, it was very hard to say goodbye to my mother, Aria, my father, Oscar, and my two younger brothers, Oliver and Stephen. After they all said their farewells, I was off to spy on Sparta. I wouldn’t have ever dreamed that I was going to be spying on Sparta at age 14.


Daelyn - The day I got told that I'd be spying on Athens, my "rival", was a relief. I've been trying to get to Athens for years, and finally this could be my big break to freedom. My family died in a tragic war effort five years ago when I was 12. I was taken in by the Spartan military members and learned to fight battles on my own. I hid my true identity by dressing as a man. My last chance at survival was to become a spy. Five years ago, if you would've told me I'd be a spy I would've thought you were crazy. I mean me, Scarlett Morin, just an average girl turns into a spy.

First Journal Entry

Grace - I am on my way to Sparta right now. When I do get back to Athens, I can't wait to show Captain Ajax that he can give me more opportunities for more missions like this one. If I don't excel on this mission, this could affect how the Athenian people treat me from now on.

I am excited and nervous at the same time, because I am nervous that the Spartans will see me in their territory, and I am excited to observe the daily activities that the warriors in Sparta do in their day-to-day life.

First Journal Entry

Daelyn - That wonderful day, I saw him. His puny form told me he wasn't from around here. Before I would leave Sparta I'd learn about him and see if he was a true Spartan warrior. I still couldn't believe it, Scarlet Morin, a Spartan warrior? But even the best things can disappear in anyone's life.

"Day dreamin' again?" Captain Galahad's rough and tough voice spoke. Ever since the day my parents and brothers died in the war effort, I hid my true emotions inside, deep deep down, for my families sake, and for mine. I'd learned how to control my feelings around the men in the training camp.

"No, captain, I was just thinking," I responded.

"Well stop, just 'cause you've been re-cruited," his voice hinting at strong Spartan accent,"don't mean you can just gallivant around like a chicken with it's head cut off!"

"Yes, sir," I said and I was off to training for another day.

Second Journal Entry

Grace - I just arrived at Sparta. This is completely different the city-state I am from. I am looking around and basically all I see is everyone fighting, and people running around naked, because that's what they have been born to do: fight naked.

I am trying to sneak around very settle so that no body sees me at all. So far that is working out great! I feel like a bunch of people are watching me, even though I know that they can't see me at all. Then, I see a man looking at me from behind. I turn around and he is hand-gesturing for me to follow him. I definitely know that he is from Sparta, because if he were from Athens, I would have an idea of who he is and what he does in Athens. I decide to follow him, even though he might be taking me to somewhere that I probably shouldn't go, I am still going to see what information I could get from this Spartan man.

Second Journal Entry

Daelyn - I was going to try to figure him out. Before Captain Galahad left he told me to get the new guy situated. I was guessing that he was the lanky little guy I saw yesterday.This was perfect, I'd finally be able to get to know him, to see if he was who he said he was. When Galahad left, I motioned to him with my long fingers. When he came over he looked curious enough to be one of those weird philosophers or a bard from Athens. Now that he was closer to me I could see the stability in his posture, but something in his facial features looked more feminine than any other man I've seen.

My plan is to bring him into my cabin and question him there. If I did it here he might make a scene, and I couldn't afford for anyone getting suspicious about me. After a few minutes of silence he couldn't handle it anymore and asked, "What's your name?". His voice was pressured to sound more masculine. This would be a very interesting evening.

Third Journal Entry

Grace - As of right now, I am still following this young man. He hasn't talked at all, so by now, it's getting really awkward. Anyways, I hope that he starts talking because I need to figure out more information about the Spartan culture, and it looks like he is the right one to get information out of. If I don't figure out of about all of this, Captain will stop giving me missions, and I really like going on missions. All these mission definitely cannot end at this point of my career.

I decided that I was going to strike up a conversation with the boy. In my head I am trying to think of some answers to questions he might ask, even though it doesn't look like he will start talking to me anytime soon. I am going to try to ask questions that have some comedy in them, so then he might actually answer me, but I'm hoping he doesn't try to start conflict right now. "What's your name?," I ask. He didn't answer. I am thinking to myself, "this is going to be a very long mission in Sparta".

Third Journal Entry

Daelyn - Today I figured out some new things about myself. I couldn't handle the same questions being asked over and over again, and lastly I didn't like being pestered about my life story. All which I learned from the little guy I was ordered to look over, Milo. My mind was racing with ways I could get out of his conversation.

The walk from camp to my cabin was about seven miles. I hadn't always lived on my own since I got to the training camp. My request didn't go through until a year later. My bunk mate from that long year was Bate. He turned out to be my new and only friend ever since. His life before training wasn't at all like mine. Bate had it all, the money, popularity, and the thing I wanted most a family. I envied him ever since.

Fourth Journal Entry

Grace - We have probably been walking for at least two hours. I am getting extremely tired of walking and I want to find out where we are planning on going. I am getting really worried to where he is taking me at this point. "Where are you taking me exactly?," I ask the boy. He murmured something under his breath, but I didn't hear a single thing. I asked again. He replied, "A cabin". Was my mission to go to a random Spartans' cabin? No, never in a million years would that even come to my mind. I never lamed on going to his cabin, but I'll see whats going to happen along the way.

I can finally see something up ahead. Hopefully, it is a rest stop or something. I look even closer, and guess what it is? The cabin... yay.. I am really not in the mood to go to some random persons' cabin, but this could be the chance where I get all the information that I have been sent to get. We get inside, and surprisingly, it is one of the cleanest places I have ever seen. Everything is put away, and all of his clothes are folded in piles. I have never seen a boy who is this organized. I am not even this organized, and I'm a girl! I hear him talking to himself, and either it's just me or his voice sound very feminine. Bu that doesn't matter right now. All I need to do is get the data that is needed in order to still be hired to go on more missions. I take a deep breath, and tell myself, "it's going to be okay".

Fourth Journal Entry

Daelyn - The gravel path led halfway to my cabin. All of a sudden it would cut off, the gravel would stop it's job to lead me my way. It would fail it's job just like I had failed my family. I was the gravel, I cut off other people from their lives. I should've done something different that day they died. I could have too. They were at the battle field then. My brothers were with my parents, but I was home alone. I begged them to stay, I didn't want them to leave me. At the time I was too young to participate in the war efforts, so every Sunday I'd stay home and do chores for my family. I should've tried and fought harder for them.

At last, my home for the past four years came into view. To me, my little cabin was perfect, but to anyone else, well they'd probably call it a run-down shack. If you looked at it with an open mind the cabin wasn't so bad. Lush oak and spruce trees towered overhead with moss hanging down. I imagined it like the stories my mother used to tell me before I went to bed each night. As I looked around I saw Milo looking around. He looked pleased and at peace, like he'd come to complete serenity. That was something Spartan men were never allowed to be. So one would teach him soon enough, I thought as I tried to suppress a sly smile.

Fifth Journal Entry

Grace - He starts to take off his shoes. I look at them closely as he takes them off. They are sandals, just like we, Athenians wear. I wrote that information down very quickly in my mission pamphlet that Captain Ajax gave me. As I am doing that, I see he is taking off his jacket to change his shirt. I am looking around the cabin, and I see him brushing his LONG hair with a comb! His hair looks like mine when I'm not dressed up as a boy : long, smooth, blonde hair. This is starting to give me a clue that the 'man' might be a girl.

I keep thinking to myself that I might actually be right. Since we haven't talked for the past three hours, I'm going to ask the same question that I attempted to ask earlier. "What's your name?," I ask.

"Umm... uh.. Scarlett, I mean Scar, sorry." he said. I was actually very surprised that he answered me this time. I am still wondering if this 'boy', or whatever he claims to be at this point, is actually a girl. Hopefully I will figure this out sooner before later.

Fifth Journal Entry

Daelyn - We walked in through the thick oak door of my cabin and I took off my sandals when I got inside. Out here in the Spartan wilderness you couldn't leave anything outside. I'd learned that the hard way. During my first months at the camp I would always leave my boots on the porch steps so they could air out. Then, one dreadful morning I put my boots on fast (I was already running late) and I felt a sharp pain in my left foot. I decided it was nothing and I'd just go on with my day. When I got home to my cabin in the woods I sat down on the front steps and took off the boots. What I found was shocking. Compressed in the bottom of my boot was a horsefly. That's right, a horsefly, which suck out your blood, cause pain, and can be deadly. At that time I didn't know what to do so I ran to the nurse to see if I was infected. I wasn't, thankfully. But I did learn a lesson, always keep everything inside and wear sandals.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Milo take a note on sheet of paper. Okay, I'll let that go, maybe he needed to remember something for later, I hoped. Next, I took off my jacket and neatly folded it then put it away in my wooden drawer. My hair was fighting to be loose, so I took off my cap and started to brush each side of my long blonde hair. Milo asked me what my name was after I was done combing. I hesitated at first, "Scarlett, I mean Scar sorry." All I could do now was investigate this strange man and hoped that he didn't figure me out before I could question him.

Sixth Journal Entry

Grace - I am very tempted to ask if he is playing off to be a boy, but is actually a female. Maybe once I get to know him/her better I will ask that sort of question. Every time he looks up at me, I pretend I am doing something else, even though I was looking at him the whole time. I am planning on asking him more questions throughout the day, just I don't know what exactly to ask.

"So, who do you usually live with in Sparta?," I ask Scar.

"My parent died in a war effort, and so did my brother. I was taken in by the Spartan military that's for men, but I'm not a ma.. I mean I'm in the military because I am a man, sorry."

"Oh sorry, I shouldn't have asked that," I say.

"It's fine, people ask all the time about that," he says, sounding a lot more feminine than usual. Now I am very curious if this boy that I am talking to is actually not a boy. If it is a girl, she probably has a reason for posing as a boy in the first place; hopefully.

Sixth Journal Entry

Daelyn - Why did I let myself get wrapped up in this? I honestly don't know. All Milo did was ask questions. It was like he was spying on me! I hated when I had to tell my life story. It wasn't interesting and it surely wasn't happy. My fondest memory was when my family all went to the beach to have a picnic. That day was like a fading dream, I could barely remember it. Spring had just started, and I was wearing a bright and flowy white dress. The sun shined down on us as the breeze tickled my red cheeks. I ran and ran around in circles, dancing as I sang. My brothers were there, playing ball with each other. It sounded so good that I think I might have made the day up by myself.

Each minute counted loudly at the back of my head while I was answering Milo's questions. While he was asking I was cleaning my little bunk. Every once in awhile I'd put things I'd need in Athens into a little bag that would help me on my "spying". When he thought I was looking away he'd take out his piece of paper and write something down after I was asked a question. I was getting suspicious to see what was on the paper. Especially because he was being so secretive. I keep hearing voices around the room, and there "he" is, whispering to himself while looking at the paper, like he was trying to remember something. His voice sounding even more feminine as I listen to the whispers.

Seventh Journal Entry

Daelyn - Now it was my turn to ask the questions. They were easy ones that would give me background information about him. Who are your family members? Where do you live? How old are you? Then I got into the hard questions. The ones that only Spartan warriors would know. Why are you here? What do you eat on a daily bases? Do you have any brothers that didn't make it to training camp? Where were they? All easy answers, to kill, blood soup, no I don't have any brothers that didn't make it into camp because they're too weak, and they're dead in a pit somewhere. When Milo finished the answering the

questions I knew he wasn't who he truly said he was. Now it was time to have fun with this weak "boy".

We sat down on a log, the farthest away from the fire people had started. "Have you ever been to one of these before?" I asked trying to get a confession out of Milo.


"Well, this will be fun then," I said,"for me." I said under my breathe, barely able to hear it myself. The sun was almost all the way down and dark was creeping into the last light. At last, the bright, harmful sun died and the moon was born with a bouquet of stars to go along. Now the worst part would start, making dinner. Thankfully, tonight wasn't my turn to prepare the soup. Some other men stood up with limp animal bodies in their arms. They started to chant words, hoping for forgiveness to Artemis the god of the hunt and wild. Then, they started. After a few minutes the cooled soup was passed out in tin cans. I still hadn't gotten used to the taste of the blood and chunks of "meat" inside of the soup. But I did find out how to stop the flavor from spreading all over your mouth. All you had to do was stop breathing. But, occasionally the cool liquid would break through my defenses and fill my mouth with a copper smelll. Tonight I finished it in just a couple of slurs, then belched out. As I looked over at Milo I saw that he hadn't had the blood soup yet. I couldn't stand it anymore. "Drink it fast, it tastes worse when it's cold. After it's in your mouth go and run to my cabin and do what you please. I'll be there soon." I finally spoke. He looked at me warily. So I pushed him even more,"Do it now, or you'll be punished in the town square. Hurry!" At latitude he finally put the can to his lips and took a big drink of the blood soup. Then he was off.

Seventh Journal Entry

Grace - As of right now, it is very quiet and tense in "his" cabin. "Who's your family members? Where do you live? How old are you?" the boy said. I was very surprised that I was getting bombarded with all these questions from the same person who wasn't saying anything when I first started following him to the cabin. I answered them right away because I had a feeling he was going to start asking those types of questions eventually. Again, more questions... He asked why I was here. I didn't want to actually tell him the truth; that I was spying on his city-state. And before I could even answer the last couple questions, he asked if I would like to go to lunch. I said sure, thanks. This would give me even more time to ask questions and get more information before I head back to Athens.

When we got to lunch, it doesn't look like I would expect it to look. As soon as we sit down, there was some sort of soup in the bowls that are out in front of both of us. "What exactly is this?", I ask the boy. "Oh! This? Well it blood soup! It is our tradition to eat it every day at this time," he said. I couldn't believe that I had to eat this soup that was made out of *gulp* blood. But, I have no choice bu to just eat this disgusting bisque.

Eighth Journal Entry

Grace - As soon as I took my first bite of soup, I already knew I needed to stop acting as if I liked it. When Scar turned the other way, I sprinted as fast as I could to the nearest bathroom, and sure enough, the nearest "toilet" was in Scar's cabin. I was going to get sick...I start hearing footsteps coming towards the bathroom. I am really hoping that it was not Scar walking over here because I don't want him to be me for not liking it, but hopefully he won't get mad at me for getting sick. "Wow, what happened in here?", Scar said as my head is in the toilet. As soon as I could talk without having my head in the toilet, I did.

"Uh not much," I said laughing as I could.I got up from sitting on the dirty, dirty cabin ground, I walked out of the bathroom so that I could get some more questions out of him.

Before I could walk out of the bathroom, Scar got in front of me and went to go grab the cleaning tools for the bathroom that I just vomited in, of course. As soon as he finally finished cleaning the bathroom, I got to the questions. I couldn't even ask my first question without Scar asking his first. "You might want to get in the bath to rinse off," he said. "Oh no, it's fine. I don't want to take one right now, thanks though."

"Why don't you want to rinse off after that whole thing that just happened in the bathroom. I will give you new clothed so you don't have to change back into these gross clothes again!", he says trying to persuade me into cleaning off.

"Okay, I give up. It's already hard enough being away from my family this long, but it's even harder pretending to be a different gender. I'm actually a girl.." I could tell it was hard for him to understand that I was pretending to be a boy but I was lying the whole time.

"Oh umm... I've been needing to tell you the same thing the whole time," Scar said.

"Wait, so you are as girl too, Scar?".

"Call me Scarlett, if you think I'm a girl," Scarlett said.

" Okay Scarlett: I guess we could just take off our disguises then," I said. "And by the way, my real name is Genesis,". We both laughed.

" So you never actually answered my question; why are you here in Sparta?", Scarlett asked. "Well, here's the deal. So my captain in Athens sent me here for my first mission so I could spy on Sparta and get information to see if you are going to plan a war against our military anytime soon. But I should probably get going now. thank you so much for..." I said. I couldn't even finish my sentence without her cutting me off to talk.

"CAN I COME WITH YOU?!" she asked excitedly. I can't believe she wants to come back to Athens with me. Maybe she wants to spy on us now. Honestly I don't even know what is going on at this point.

"Why would you want to come to Athens, your rivals?" I asked Scarlett.

"Oh, don't you know? I have always wanted to live in Sparta and get out of this gross place. I would love to come with you and live in your 'tribe', if I'm allowed of course."

"We don't know until we try. I guess we both are on our way to Athens together!" I said.

Eighth Journal Entry

Daelyn - When I got back, Milo was no where to be seen. "Milo! Are you in here?" Where could he have run to? Maybe the clinic or the main road. Then I heard a moan from my bathroom. Oh no, please, please no! I ran from my place by the wooden door and went the bathroom. Sure enough, there he was sitting on the floor by the hole in the ground that was suppose to be my "toilet". "Wow, what happened here?" I asked.

"Help me," Milo pleaded. His voice was just like mine when I didn't try to have my voice masculine. All over my floor was the remnants of the blood soup that was in his mouth and vomit. That's how I was the first time I tried the horrible soup. It was so bad that Bate had to help me get up the next morning from the bathroom floor (where I had spent my night). " If you're not going to," he continued with a big gulp,"then go away, now!" I started to back away, not sure if I could keep my guts where they should be. "Sorry, please come back, please."

"Hold on let me get the cleaning supplies," I said and went to a drawer in the kitchen to get the supplies. I forgot that I was only allowed a mop for the cleaning, it would have to do.

When I got to the bathroom again, Milo was trying to get up. "No, don't get up yet." I was going to have to carry him/her to my bed, my bed! I'd have to clean every inch of this cabin. I finally finished cleaning the bathroom and went out to Milo. I started to ask him new questions to get his mind off things and to get to know who he was. Then I said, "You might want to get in the bath to rinse off."

"Oh no, it's fine. I don't want to take one right now, thanks though." He said too quickly.

"Why don't you want to rinse off after that whole thing that just happened in the bathroom. I will give you new clothed so you don't have to change back into these gross clothes again!." I countered. Then he said it, her confession. "Oh umm... I've been needing to tell you the same thing the whole time." I gave up

"Wait, so you are a girl too, Scar?"

"Call me Scarlett, if you think I'm a girl," I told her.

"Okay, Scarlett, I guess we could just take off our disguises then, and by the way my real name is Genesis," she told me while smiling.

This got me thinking, was she lying to me before? "So you never actually answered my question; why are you here in Sparta?" Her answer wasn't that shocking, I'd been expecting it the whole time I first saw her, but I was even more happy to hear it. She was a spy from Athens and she was planning to go home soon.

"Can I come with you?!" I asked, maybe too excited.

"Why would you want to come to Athens, your rivals?"

"Oh, don't you know? I have always wanted to live in Sparta and get out of this gross place. I would love to come with you and live in your 'tribe' if I'm allowed of course." I said.

We don't know until we try. I guess we both are on our way to Athens together!" She responded.

Ninth Journal Entry

Grace and Daelyn - As of right now, we are both on our way to Athens. We both are worried and excited at the same time. Worried because we have no idea what Captain is going to say: if Scarlett can stay or not. Hopefully Scarlett can stay. I see the Athens' territory ahead. "Okay, we are almost there," Scarlett said to Genesis. "Yep! According to my map, we are 0.9 miles away from victory."

Grace - We are right outside of Athens. Scarlett and I are trying to look as presentable as possible because I just got back from my mission in Sparta, and Scarlett needs to look good when she shows herself to the Athenian Captain for the first time. We both take a deep breath, and we are going in.


In Athens - The girls walked into the captain's office with pride bouncing off of them. "Hello, ladies what can I do for you?" the Captain asked barely acknowledging them.

"Well, Captain Ajax, I'm back from my duty at Sparta." the tall girl said. His eyes widened with disbelief.

"But... but you're a girl Milo, what did those Spartans do to you?" Ajax asked.

"Sir, it's Genesis, and not all of the Spartans are bad. I even made a friend." Genesis responded looking over to the other, shorter girl as she stepped forward.

"Hello sir, I am Scarlett Morin," she introduced.

"Why are you here Scarlett?" Asked Ajax.

"I have come from Sparta, where I was born. My family died and I was alone, so I acted as I was a boy and joined a training camp. Ever since then, I have worked hard to get a 'job' of spying on Athens to finally have a chance to run away from the life I had. When the offer arose I took it, but I found a friend on the way to my dreams. If it is okay with you, sir, I would like to stay in Athens and fight with these true warriors, for they take pride in life not death." Scarlett responded.

"I will put you both through tests to see if you are worthy of staying here in Athens, and to see if you are strong enough to fight in these wars. As long as you, Scarlett, don't bring any bad traits of those horrible Spartans you shall do fine. You are dismissed." Captain Ajax orderd.

Five months later - The two true friends stood side by side in the war against Sparta. They had devised a plan to catch the Spartans off gaurd. This would not have worked if these two similar opposites took a leap of fate and jumped into a new discovery. For anyone can find the light at the end of the tunnel, we just have to keep are heads up and eyes open.

Dear Captain Galahad,

Recently I have been ordered to act as an Athenian, while I was really spying on them. My studies have shown that the Athenian men are not planning to invade our beautiful city-state. Instead they are sitting in chairs and wondering about the meaning of life and eating different types of fruit! We have nothing at all to worry about with Athens. They dont even train at their camps daily! This mission has proved that the Athenians are no match for the unforgiving Spartans.

I will be back soon, Scar.

Dear Captain Ajax,

Scar and I decided to take a lead in the war against Sparta. We thank you for your hard work in getting Scar to be in the military with me. We really appreciate it. The plan is to invade Sparta while they think nothing of it. We will lead the war with power and loyalty and make sure that no damage happens to the beautiful city-state of ours. We will be back soon.

Thank you Captain, Genesis.

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