Royalty-Free Image Searching


When students do a Google search for photos, the photos come from a variety of sources. Some sources allow people to reuse their photos, some allow people to reuse their photos with attribution (credit), and others do not allow people to reuse their photos at all- even if it's for an educational purpose! There are resources on the web that help filter photos that are allowed to be reused.


Check the "Pictures" tab on the Student Wiki for a list of sites that contain free, reusable images.

There is a link to a 3 minute video on the top of the page that is a nice introduction to copyright and Creative Commons.

Explore some of the websites on the page above and type in search terms that your students would use. Some of the sites are more robust than others. Ask yourself...

  • What instructions do my students need prior to using this search?
  • Can images be reused without attribution or do students need to keep track of their sources?

Use in the Classroom

Require students to use royalty-free images, especially when creating a presentation that will be shared online