Come Join Us June 28th

Tea And Coffee With Self.

June 28th 3:00pm.-4:00pm

In this Powerful Soul Aspiring meditation come enjoy a cup of tea with self. Ask the questions that you've always wanted to know. Ask for peace during your journey. Join Rose and Shante in getting to know your true self where the only limits are the ones you've placed.

Your Soul awaits you, your blend is ready .


Your welcome to bring your tea or coffee cup or use ours.

Tea w/self.

I Lovingly Release you class

In Life we attach ourselves to others knowingly and unknowingly sometimes these relationships aren't for us. We feel physically , emotionally ,and spiritually drained from these relationships and we don't know how to release. In this cord cutting meditation we will work on lovingly releasing that which doesn't serve our highest good. Join Rose & Shante in Lovely releasing those attachments June 28th 4:10pm.- 5:30pm.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Group Session

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Group Session

June 28th at 5:45pm $10.00 per person

Jeanne Lyons is Certified through Sylvia Brown's Hypnosis Training Center in San Jose CA. She Also works with the Children at the metaphysical Church in Davison.

Call the store to Register For this Class