Stopping Childhunger

Aaliyah ,Sophia,A'Lonzo

Have you ever a commercial on tv about kid's starving to death, and they need your help? Nearly, 9 million children died in 2008 before they reached the age of 5th birthday, a third died due to mainutrition.Childhood hunger is a big challenge that many contries have to deal with.
By understang the causes of childhunger. They're a lot of parents thatv dont have jobs . So thier not able to buy food for nutrients food for thier family. Although, kids 0-3 cant learn as much because if they dont have this.Some kids kids look for food in the trash can and on the streets. "Some people will steal to get food they need to survive. They will break into houses and rob convenience stores. (Michael R. Wilson p.5)

All this can help us understand why people find thereselves without food. Please help stop this or one of that 9 million could be you.Communities are working together to bring food to shelter, communities, and families. If this action keeps on going on childhood hunger will soon be put to the end.