The Hive in Room 5

Here's the buzz...


This week we read Once Upon a Time and focused on the following skills:

  • ordering events in a story
  • figurative language
  • identifying the problem and solution of the story

King Bee

We enjoyed learning about our very own Tommy Donnelly. It was so exciting to hear his dad read Pete the Cat to us today!


We read the mentor text, Daddy Calls Me Man, and wrote stories about family members that are special to us. This week we continued to practice 5 star sentences. A first grade 5 star sentence has appropriate upper case letters, punctuation, spacing, handwriting, and spelling of word wall words. Wednesday night homework is getting better each week. Thanks for your support at home!

Guided Reading

With report card season upon us, it is time to assess the students' reading in first grade. All worker bees in the hive had a chance to read to me individually over the past week and we now have new guided reading groups based on our performance. Look for new books to start coming home again next week!


This week we assessed concepts from units 1 and 2 and began work in unit 3. In unit 3, we've been learning about:

  • visual patterns
  • even and odd numbers
  • patterns on the number grid


This week we began our Collecting and Examining Life unit. The kids worked on identifying the difference between living and non-living things. We also completed our first experiment. Each group got 2 jars to examine. One had a living organism in it and the other had a non-living item. It took a few days of careful observation, but today we actually saw the brine shrimp that emerged from eggs moving around in jar A. Ask your first grader about this exciting experiment!