Mismanagement of African Resources

by Justice Simmons and Sarah Whitley


Although Africa has great amounts of natural resources, they have been misused by foreign countries.

Historical Significance:

After Germans left, Africans were lost and didn't really know what to do. Economic development stopped after the war and caused starvation. Government corruption has kept much needed aid from flowing into Africa.

Social Issues

While poverty and hunger remain top priorities in Africa, the focus will lie in survival, and the management of resources is not that significant. Poor health and sanitation make many Africans concern for survival far greater than environmental issues.

Environmental Issues

Environmental challenges threaten the sub-region's supply of food, the health of its people, and its plant and animal life.

Political Issues

Government corruption keeps much needed aid for themselves. No more money from IMF (International Monetary Fund) because no action has been taken to stop corruption.


1. What makes effective resource management in Africa so difficult?

2. Why is effective resource management such a low priority?

3. How does poor sanitation affect the people in Africa?