Zitzman Elementary- Game On!

Week of October 29th

What's Happening This Week:

Monday: B Day. Tiny Guitar Club 7:45am.

Tuesday: C Day. PLC's. *Grade 4 & 5 Harry Moon assembly at 9 am in the gym. Good New Club 3:40pm Girls on the Run 3:50pm

Wednesday: NO LETTER DAY--See the party/event schedule below.

Thursday: D Day. Fifth grade field trip to PHS Musical 9-11:30. Dr. Sladek @ CE. Admin Council 9:15am. Girls on the Run 3:50pm. Parent Forum on Redistricting 6:00pm. with Dr. Mulford

Friday: A Day. Lego League 7:45am Second Grade Field Trip 9:00am

Party Day or Event Day Schedule:

Please review the schedule. (Make sure to click on the 'Event Day' tab @ the bottom!)


Home and School Connections

Parent Contacts

It is an expectation that classroom teachers be the first person to call a parent when a student is having difficulty or failing a course.

Have you made 2 positive parent contacts this month? A great time to make those contacts is during recess time. Then, watch how those students work for you after their parent gets the message. Find the students that need the praise most and call those parents.

Curriculum & Instruction

Grade books- Be sure to update grade books weekly to give parents the opportunity to support teachers from home. Parents can review a teacher's grade book and hold conversations with their child about effort and work completion.

Author Visit- Harry Moon Day for students in grades 4 & 5. Let's get excited about reading with the focus on Read On. Every student in grade 4 & 5 will receive a Harry Moon book. Teachers can lead conversations about the book. Mrs. Reed is adding books from the Harry Moon series to our library. The visit will be Tuesday, October 30th with the author visiting each classroom to talk to students about the series. Happy Reading!!


PLC RTI Conversations-Review your classroom list on ELA tab in your PLC folder to be ready to discuss specific students and intervention supports being provided at a tier 2 and tier 3 level.

Leader in Me Coaching Day- Tuesday, Nov. 6th with Jill Scheulen

The meetings will take place during our regular scheduled PLC times. We will focus on the following:

  • Commit to school academic WIG.

  • Differentiate between student proficiency and student growth.

  • Embrace the “why” behind connecting school & student goals.

  • Understand how to engage students with 4DX.

  • Identify Student Leadership Notebook™ resources.

Counselor's Corner

Groups for 4th and 5th grade will be in full swing this week. Please see the attached link for the google doc with additional information. Please remember this information is confidential and students must return a permission slip to participate. Your help in getting these returned is appreciated.


My next focus will be students in K - 3rd who were OVER qualified for Pinocchio. These will be added to the Google document as I begin meeting with them, most likely on an individual basis.

Week of 10/29 is a make-up week for lessons. Here is the schedule:

Monday 10/29 - Suchland @ 12:10; Thate @ 2:20; Centerino @ 2:55

Tuesday 10/30 - Lee @ 1:45, Sutterer @ 2:55

If these times do not work, please let me know. I would like all lessons complete so we can judge the poster contest and announce winners at the Halloween parties.

Scoreboard Test

√ Is the scoreboard simple?

Think about how many football statistics there are—hundreds, or maybe even thousands, right? Then think about how many statistics actually make it on the scoreboard. This is about creating a players’ scoreboard, not a coach’s scoreboard. Let’s commit to limiting the data we include on the public scoreboards in our classrooms so we can all clearly see the data that counts.

√ Can everyone see it?

Scoreboards have to be frequently and easily visible to all the players. Try posting schoolwide Wildly Important Goals® (WIGs®) in a high-traffic zone and your class WIGs in your class meeting spot. Synergize with students to choose a theme for the scoreboard, then make it big and colorful.

√ Can you find the lead and lag measures?

The purpose of the scoreboard is to show progress on the lead and the lag measures from Disciplines 1 and 2 in real time. Without a scoreboard, it’s really easy to forget these measures altogether. We have to see that we can affect the score, right? That’s the lead part, tracked on calendars or tally charts. We also need to know that our actions are making a real difference. That’s the lag part, most often tracked on some sort of graph.

√ Does it pass the 5-second rule?

The best scoreboards show us in five seconds or less whether we are winning or losing. The easiest way to do this is adding words on the left, graphs on the right, and putting lags on top, leads underneath. And don’t forget goal lines. Goal lines are essential!

Big picture

We play differently when we keep score, and we either know the score or we don’t. If we don’t, it’s going to be tough to achieve our WIG.

(Click on the Title of this and it will link you straight to the article that has more pictures of different data walls!)