Technology Class at LV

By: Erin Simpkins

Typing Web

Everyday we start class with 5 minutes of typing. The typing website is trying to teach you to type the right way and also to make you better at typing. This website helped me because when I started this website, I was no so good at it, I had to look at the keyboard to type but know I can type faster and not look at the keyboard any more. I like this website because not only does it helps but you can also change the background of your typing screen.


The iTrailer was one of my favorite because you could do it on anything you wanted! What I did was My Life. It was pretty easy but the only things I had trouble with was getting picture of my camper because it was dark outside and it was not camping season. So I could not get a picture of were I go camping. This was really fun because you got to know and see what people picked. You also learned things about people you never talked to.

Career Locker

In this unit Mrs. Vandanboogaard comes to your Technology class and she talks about careers, she shows you this website called Career Locker and this website you can research about your job and find out what you need to be good at to be able to do that job you wanted. This website really helps you understand on what you need to work for. It also is a good way to learn about different jobs that you may not even heard of. You will take this quiz about all the classes and things you like to do and it finds the top 20 jobs that you would be good at.

Haiku Deck

We had to make a Haiku Deck about are dream job and present it to the class.I really liked Haiku Deck because I got to learn more about my dream job because on Career Locker you had to go and find the information about your job. On Haiku Deck you can find pictures on that website so don't have to find them on google images. I also liked this because I liked to present and show people my hard work. A tip I would give you is to make note cards so then you don't have to look at the board and you get a better grade.

Explain Everything

This is an app is on your iPad and your technology teacher puts up a few question on the board on what you need to solve. I think the hard thing about this was trying to find a quite place to take with out have people talking when you are trying to do you project. It is pretty easy because all you have to do is solve the problem and show pictures explaining what the problem is really talking about and then to explain in words.


Coding is a website that you need to solve little puzzles and even sometimes you can create your own game. I really liked this website because I you can create your own game what I think it is really fun. This website can also help the kids that want to create apps and work with the computer and other stuff because it teaches you pretty much the basics you are going to need to do that job.