By: Courtney & Luis


  • Chimera was made to terrorize people.
  • Spawn by Typhoeus and Enchinda.
  • Siblings are Cerberus, Lernaean, and Hydra.
  • Live in Lycia
  • It has strength and speed
  • A female/she-goat.
  • Sight of it was a omen of storms, shipwrecks, and natural disasters.
  • Omen- an event regarding good or evil.


  • A lion and goat combined.
  • Has a snake or dragon tail.
  • Breathes fire.
  • One of a kind.
  • Wings.

How she was killed.

  • Killed by Bellerrophon he was sent by King of Caria.
  • A lead-tipped lance down her flaming throat and suffocated.

Lance - a long weapon for thrusting, having a wooden shaft and a pointed steel head.

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