Hockey Tournaments

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Hockey Tournaments

Hockey is amongst the most popular sports in Canada plus the United states both as a spectator and participant sport.

Hockey tournaments range in suitability for all ages and levels from youngsters all of the way via to adult experts. There are actually also the women's teams and some veteran teams as well.

The biggest and best identified league would be the National Hockey League. That is the big specialist league and covers Canada and also the United states of america. It comprises 30 teams and will be the most hugely respected league in the world of hockey. During the course in the season you can find several different tournaments.

The team that finishes at the major on the league might be the winner in the Presidents Trophy. Another in the most prestigious hockey tournaments could be the Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup is fought for by implies of elimination rounds. It begins in April and will be won by the final remaining group in June.

The Presidents trophy is awarded towards the team which has scored one of the most points through the normal season. This may run from October to April and teams will play 82 games. The tournament schedule is complicated but will involve 42 games on their property territory and 42 played away in the grounds of their opponents.

The American Hockey League is definitely the most prestigious minor expert league and acts as a supply supply of players for the NHL. You will find 29 clubs inside the league and every single one particular may have an affiliation with one of several NHL teams.

The Calder Cup could be the main trophy on the AHL and this awarded towards the playoff champions with the year. Other hockey tournament trophies in the AHL incorporate two Conference playoff championship trophies; the Richard F Canning Trophy for the Eastern Conference along with the Robert W Clarke Trophy for the Western. Also included in their season are seven other frequent season championship trophies.

As well because the American Hockey League, there are actually a different eight minor specialist hockey leagues which all run their very own hockey tournaments.

Certainly the semi-pro and amateur and college leagues do precisely the same. Women's hockey is also a really popular sport now and this can be supported by the National Women's Hockey League.

As there has been some confusion concerning the championships of the league within the final couple of years, as a result of combining with the league with all the Western Women's Hockey League, the tournament facts are somewhat complex.

Suffice to say, having said that, that the Clarkson Cup has been, and likely will continue to be, the key tournament trophy for women's hockey.

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