Depressant Drugs


depressants are drugs that is supposed to reduce mental illness. they come in multi colored tablets, capsules and liquid. these drugs are also used as sleeping pills or a sedative but both will help you sleep. depressants also helps with pain, acute agitation, muscle spasms and more. some of the drugs in the depressant category is alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, gamma hydroxybutyrate and more.

depressant drug effects and why people use them

some effects to after taking depressants is slow brain function, slow pulse and breathing, lower blood pressure, poor concentration, confusion, fatigue 2, dizziness, slurred speech, fever sluggishness, dilated pupils, disorientation, lack of coordination, depression, difficulty or inability to urinate. people use these drugs because they might have trouble falling asleep so they take it as a sleeping pill depressants help with seizure disorders and surgical procedures. to get help you can go to a doctor or a therapist to help you with your problem.