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"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela

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Kudos to Tammy Duncan, Tabitha Pickle and Gina Burgdorf for always being an amazing ELA team. This year has been phenomenal, and with testing season upon us, I just want you to know how much I appreciate each of you! You've really earned your candy :)

-Jennifer Porter

Thank you to Natalie Ortega and Karen Davis for being calculator distribution queens!

-Holly Glenn

Kudos to Ms. Troxler for helping us get calculators from Cedar Ridge HS! Through her connections and networking she was able to contact a teacher from CRHS and calculators were on our campus within the hour. Thank you so much for helping us avoid a calculator catastrophe!


Thank you to Ms. Minster, Ms. Tammie Salazar, Ms. Ostlund, Mr. Garrison, Ms. McCully, Mr. Aguilar, Ms. Dolor, Ms. Russo, Mr. Rozsa, Ms. Stillwell, Mr. Kelly, Ms. Roberts and Ms. Troxler for stepping up to help cover classes last week, it was much appreciated!!

~ Marissa

Thank you to Ms. Duvall for creating an awesome collage for our School Board Member in January!


A huge thank you to Ms. Davis who works her butt off for the Math department! I'm so blessed to be able to share ideas, teaching strategies and even work space with such a hardworking and genuine individual.

-Ms Ortega

7th grade ELA 's great small groups and teacher rotations.

Everyone's flexibility with the testing schedules.

Staff's willingness to help out when coverage is needed.

7th grade History's DBQ breakdown in Nearpod is really cool.

6th grade ELA, 8th grade ELA, Robin, and Linda for their technology rich, interactive lessons.

Rachel O. for her students' improved writing.

Steven C. for his dedication to the Central Texas Writing Project.

ELA's use of data to guide instruction.

- Anndrea Harrold

Thank you Baillo, Ratica, Moriarty, Salazar (W.C.), Sihalla, Davis, Ostlund, Conner, Ortega, Cross, Bartley, McCully, & Duvall for escorting or sending out your tutorial students on a pass to the cafeteria.

- Jimenez

Marisa Ramirez for sending out STAAR Ready communication

-Anndrea Harrold

Kudos to Mrs. Kay for coming to my rescue to help out with a Plicker problem. By the way, your creativity and continued support are such an asset to the L.A. department!

-Jennifer Ratica

Kudos to Anndrea Harrold for going above and beyond her "call of duty." Your input and timely help are definitely appreciated!
-Jennifer Ratica

Kudos to Jeff Sralla, Ashley Allen, Eric Hupp, Patrick Kelly, and Liberty Beckerman. Thank you all for being flexible and providing extra support for Language Arts as needed. Each of you make this an awesome team!!

-Jennifer Ratica

Kudos to Joanne Johnson for her excellent care of students and staff!

-Jennifer Ratica

Thanks for the innovative Professional Development Mr Mutscher! Best PD ever!


Kudos to the Theater department on the outstanding production of: "Into the Woods!" It was apparent the students loved acting in the play! Lots of hard work and dedication to everyone involved. The hard work paid off!

-Maryadele Troxler

Kudos to the 7th grade Language Arts department for the rotating schedule! The students were able to observe different teaching styles and really enjoyed themselves!

-Chris Loftis

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Sisto Alderete 2/2

Noel Aguilar 2/2

Lisa Pfluger 2/9

Holly Singer 2/10

Rachel O'Quin 2/10

Jeff Sralla 2/16

Emily Minster McCorkle 2/20

Katherine Miller 2/22

Ellen Duvall 2/26

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Friday 2/19 - End of 4th Six Weeks

Monday 2/22 - Dyslexia Parent Meeting (6:00-7:30) @ RRHS Toolbox

Monday 2/22 - AVID Parent Meeting (6:30-7:30) @ CRHS
Tuesday 2/23 - Choir Concert @ RMS Cafe

Thursday 2/25 - Orchestra Concert (6:30-8:00) @ RMS Cafe
Thursday 2/25 - Track Meet (4:00-8:00) @ Cedar Valley Middle School

Monday 2/29 - Early College Information Session (6:00-8:00) @ RMS Cafe
Wednesday 3/2 - Early Release Day - Career Day (8:30-10:30)
Thursday 3/3 - Track Meet (4:00-8:00) @ CRHS
Friday 3/4 - World Thinking Day