Help save the Great Barrier Reef!!!

Do you have what it takes to save the Reef?

Before the Reef's Bleaching

This picture shows before the bleaching started to happen. Before we the people destroyed the Reef. There was life, animals, and the reef was healthy and full of life.

After the Reef's Bleaching

This picture shows after the bleaching has started. This reef is not full of life, not very many animals, and it is not as healthy as the picture above. We need to stop polluting so that this won't happen. We can make a difference and i'm gonna tell you why.

Affects of humans activities

The human affects on the Great Barrier Reef over fishing, global warming, runoff, and sedimentation that may destroy the reefs', and pollution.

benefits of the coral reef

The Coral Reef provides habitats for animals to live in, hundreds of jobs around the country, it provides food for the people living near the reefs, it protects us when we are on the beach so that the waves don't come crashing in as fast, it also provides medicine for the doctors that they can use for treatments.

A tourist resort could threaten the Great Barrier Reef because, it could lead up to more pollution.