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Google Reminders, Tips, and Digital Resources for Success

Communication Update from Dr. Adams (3.23.22 email)

Some unanticipated file conversion issues have provided a reason to pivot slightly on our full transition to Google for the 2022-23 school year, and we will be extending our conversion to being a full Google School District by one year.

So, what is our new path?

  1. *The IT Dept. will no longer be transferring documents, but your Microsoft files will be archived in the event of emergency access.*
  2. All newly created documents, presentation, sheets, etc. shall be done via the Google Platform. In most cases, this is being done now. However, for those of you that have not started creating materials in Google, please do so and reach out to T3's for any support needs.
  3. For documents already created in the past using Microsoft products, you will have a year to copy them as you work through the 22-23 school year. This will provide adequate time within the day to convert.
  4. What about Gmail? Our conversion from Outlook to Gmail will still take place in June. Our staff email domain will change from to *All emails and accounts associated with your old domain will automatically transfer to your new Gmail account.


How to Transfer Files/Folders from OneDrive to Google Drive

  1. Open your File Explorer and click on OneDrive.
  2. Open Google Chrome and go to your Google Drive. *Check that you are logged in with your school account.
  3. In File Explorer, select the files or folders you'd like to copy and drag them over to your Google Drive tab in Chrome.
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The Top Conversion Issues And Tips for Success!

Embedded links and videos in PowerPoint

Embedded links and videos do not transfer from PowerPoint to Google Slides. When converting files, you will need to manually embed your links and videos again.

Shortcut Tips:

To embed a hyperlink to regular text, highlight the text you want to embed and type Ctrl + K to open up a window, then paste in your hyperlink.

Ctrl + C = Copy

Ctrl + V = Paste

Ctrl + X = Cut (Copies highlighted area and removes it from current location)

Ctrl + K = Embed Link

Some Images Are Removed

Google removes images that do not uphold current copyright standards. If you notice some images are missing in your converted documents, you can find adequate replacements by searching sites like Google Images > Tools > Usage Rights (screenshot included below)


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My Fonts Aren't The Same

Many Add-On Fonts that have been downloaded to your computer are not supported in Google. View the images below to see how you can add additional Google-supported fonts.


Cleaning Up Outlook Email

Here are some tips to clean up your emails prior to the migration to Gmail in June. Doing these steps will make the process much faster for the IT Dept. and reduce the clutter in your new email.

Empty Junk Folder

*When mass deleting, please be patient with processing time. Don't move to another area of your email until processing is complete.

Use Search Tool to Delete Unwanted Emails

Empty Deleted Folder