Madison Lafollette Exams

Tuesday, November 6th & Wednesday, November 7th

Be Prepared

Start Studying for midterms before they are knocking on your door

At Madison LaFollette High School exams are a two day long event that scatter the minds of students filling the halls.

Tuesday, November 6th

As close to 2,000 students pile into the raging halls of the school, talk of exams fill the air.

"Do you have any today?"

8:20 the school day starts and we're off to the races.

The 11:55 bell signals dismissal to all eagerly waiting to end the pain.

Thursday, November 7th

Everyone knows that this is their last chance to set things straight for 1st term.

"Well I hope I pass!"

The schedule for the day is almost identical to the previous day.

3rd & 4th block exams start and end with ease, and students are sent home once again at 11:55 to await the posting of grades.