Camden Chandler

Welcoming and greeting

Welcoming determines how they will think of you. It may give the customers a more comfortable approach. Welcoming gives the customer a nice feeling which gives us a good customer service review.


listening to the problem will give you a better view on how to fix it. Observe and listen to a customer on how they might resolve the problem. Asking the customer what the problem might be can be a clearer way to help them and show them the path.


Walk through step by step to show customer how to resolve the technical error. Walking through step by step can help the customer remember how to fix the problem so they won't have to come back with the same problem again.


The enviroment will determine how they think of you and how you might act. The enviroment should always look clean, and professional for you and the customer. How your enviroment looks will also determine if the customer will come back for help

Lock up

Locking up is the most important part for keeping vital information safe. Locking up could be keeping passwords, and emails safe and confidential. This part of wireless should not be noticable.

Everyone Represents

Whatever you do it represents the force. Your attitude is what people think of the force. Your actions represent the force.

Step by Step

Follow all possible procedures to diagnose the problem. Check for any common issues that the problem might be. Resolve and show issue to customer, and be sure to show them the solution.

Say Goodbye

End the conversation with a friendly parting. With a warm leaving the customer should feel welcomed to come back. End with a good positive emotion so the customer feels positive also.