Think Through Math

Now Available

Login Using the Symbaloo Page

The Texas Success Initiative is back. We again have access to Think Through Math and will soon also have iStation once the contract is finalized at the state level. When students go to the Symbaloo page, they will click on the link for Think Through Math (TTM). They should NOT simply Google Think Through Math because we are using a specific URL that ties our teachers and students to Skyward. The page will open to a blue login screen to login to Clever. New students are synced to Skyward in an overnight process. TTM Usernames and Passwords match Computer Usernames and Passwords. Teachers login to this page with their Skyward Username and Employee ID number as the password. There is not an extra disd in front of their username, so do not rely on the Start Cards in Think Through Math. I will create login cards and send them to you soon.

To have the most accurate data possible from your students, follow these tips.

  1. The initial placement assessment has 25 questions. Plan time accordingly. Students can resume a test they do not finish, and it is recommended that they finish it in a week.
  2. Treat this like an in class test where you expect students to show their work. When they go to the computer lab, they will need a journal or scratch paper that must be turned in to you.
  3. Remember that TTM will not necessarily follow what happens in your classroom. It is individualized for each student's needs.

Different from years' past, the system is also available for any student enrolled in Algebra I, meaning high school students, too.

If you would like students to use Think Through Math from home, they can go to, click on Departments, click on Technology, and the Symbaloo page is linked in the Quicklinks on the side of the page.

We will have Shauntel Cooley, the Think Through Math Texas Instructional Coach out soon to work with us on February 12th. Stay tuned!