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My Experience

My name is Collene Gaugh and I have recently moved to New Zealand from the states where I spent the past 7 years as an education specialist working with children from ages 5 to 14. Before leaving I had the opportunity to help found and direct one of the largest special needs inclusion programs in San Diego county. My passion for working with children has provided me a variety of opportunities to work with children including teaching early literacy to preschoolers, summer camp cooking classes, and real life skills through community exploration (amusement parks, restaurants practice, yoga classes and movie outings- the fun stuff!) as well as my work In public schools.

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My Philosophy

I realize that no two students are the same and the greatest thing an educator can do is to use each child's unique abilities, skills and learning styles to help propel them forward. I don't believe in ever lowering the bar of expectations for students, but rather in leveling the playing field by offering supports and adjustments to the problem in order to help students approach a challenge in a way that works for them.