Railroads and Communication

The history of railroads, telephones, and telegraphs

Railroad Key Words

Key Words:
  • 1840
  • 161 miles
  • 1860's
  • locomotives
  • attract business and grow.

Railroad Important Facts

A railroad ran 161 miles from Wilmington to Weldon, this was the longest railroad in the world for a period of time.
In October 1880 the first train reached Ashville.

Telagraph and Telephone Key Words

Key Words:
  • 1837
  • Samuel F.B. Morse
  • Telegraph
  • Morsecode
  • 1848
  • Telephone
  • 1879
  • 1900

Telegraph and Telephone Important Facts

In 1837 Samuel F.B Morse developed the telegraph.
Telegraph operators send messages using morse codes
The first telegraph message in North Carolina was sent through Raleigh.
Telephones were first used in North Carolina in 1879
In fact in 1900 there were more then 1 million telephones being used in the U.S.A

by: Charlie and Stephanos