Desalination Plant

By Darcy walker

About the Plant

The desalination plant has been under construction the last few year near phillps island in the twon wonthaggie. the plant has pushed way over the estimated budget. the desalination plant is a large plant sucks up water from our oceans and though processes it extract all the salt leaving clean water for us to drink. this involes a multi billion dollar project that will suply water the whole of melbourne.
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Econimic Benifits

The Advantages:
- it suplys water to the whole of melbourne
- it can work as a backup incase the dams run out of water or are low and if there is a drought

- The ocean is always there and easy to get to
- Its unlimited source of water
- It will create more jobs
- May decrease water cost

Econimic concerns

The Disadvantages are:

- it cost to much money to pay for the plants
- It reduces oxygen levels in the air and results in an increase of the density of any discharged waste water
- make more green house gasses so there for more pollution in the atmosphere
- It doubles the amount of salt in the ocean's and impacts on the environment for animals and humans

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How Would the Decision Be Make To Build The desalination Plant

The decision was made steve bracks who was victoras premeria at the time who had discussed it with the evroimental minister and local comuinties, and the issue was how would there be enough water in 2020 if the drought levels kept increasing, so they handed out a letter to most people in victora so say that they are build the plant within the next month.
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