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Arizona's State Flag

Fun Facts

There are many new things about Arizona like, it's also known as the Grand Canyon State. It's so big that only 5 states are larger. Did you know that Arizona is home to 11 different species of rattlesnakes? If you go to Four Corners where Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico meet then you can be in 4 states at once! Also, some of their state symbols are: color: blue and gold, bird:Cactus Wren, amphibian: Arizona Tree Frog, and flower: Saguaro Blossom.


In Phoenix people play many different types of sports like hockey, basketball, baseball, football, and skiing. Arizona is home to the Cardinals football team and Phoenix's Suns and Mercury basketball teams. They also have many other sports teams.

Arizonans also enjoy celebrating Mexican holidays like Cinco de Mayo (May 5) and Mexican Independence Day (Sep. 16). Their colorful celebrations have dancing, music, and delicious Mexican food. Arizona also has a cowboy culture. Their traditions also consist of cowboy food like chili and barbecued beef. The cowboys also like to show off their skills in different shapes of form.

Some Native American crafts include pottery, blankets, rugs, and baskets. Each tribe has their own special pattern. Native Americans groups hold powwows, dances, and festivals.
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Cardinals Touchdown! Whoo!


People have lived in Arizona for more than 2000 years. In 1921 Arizona became the the U.S. 48th state. In the 1800's people traveled to Arizona for their health because the dry dessert air is good for many health problems. Back then, the Pueblo people occupied the Northern plateaus, the Hohokam lived in the Southern desserts, and Eastern Arizona was home to the Mogolloa people. They hunted wild animals, gathered nuts and berries, and built pueblos and towns in the cliffs. Later tribes like Navajo and Apache moved in.
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Pueblos and Towns on the Cliff


Arizona is one of the Southwestern states. The forests in Arizona grows on plateaus and mountains. There you will find deer, cougars, bears, and bobcats, while bighorn sheep scramble across the mountainsides. The plateaus and mountain are cool year round. In the Sonoran Dessert different types of cacti are growing. Here you'll find javelinas, mule deer, and rattlesnakes. It's warmest southwest of Arizona and in the winter there desserts are warm. Some canyons you might like to visit are the Grand Canyon, Havasu Canyon, Marble Canyon, and Glen Canyon. The Colorado River cuts through Grand Canyon.