From The Desk of Donna Lemaire, Principal


This weekend some of the household needs baskets were delivered to the first family we are helping through our "Homes for Thanksgiving from Thankful Homes" JOURNEY Service Project. Two of our SPES families delivered the items and visited with the family. It is hard to imagine how life-changing this event is for the family. They went from homeless to transitional housing, but now are in a space that will actually become their home. The SPES families that delivered the household items were also changed. It is the type of experience that allows us to see how blessed we are and how this service flows from our blessings. More than items or furniture, it teaches us that the homeless are not an unknown reality, but a mom and her daughter who have experienced great hardship. For our children it is the opportunity to realize how powerful love is in their lives and discover the meaning of home. One of our parents heard the daughter say to her mom, “Mom, now I can have a friend over.” This simple new experience for this young girl is a reflection of the life-changing impact of this new service ministry we are called to - JOURNEY. This week we will collect items again on Friday. Thank you for your generosity and compassion. There are great life lessons your children are learning in this experience. Let us continue to pray that we will remain open to the work of the Spirit; Empowered to care for others.

Donna Lemaire



Our next pick-up day for our JOURNEY "Homes for Thanksgiving from Thankful Homes" project will be this Friday, November 14th. Drop off any of the items on your grade level's need list (found on RenWeb's Resource Documents) in car line Friday. Members of our JOURNEY Parent Ministry, their children and SPES 8th graders will be there to collect from you!