You know you want it!!!

Hey Hey Hey!

It's b-e-a-utiful!!!!

It sure is! Who does not want this gorgeous car? It has a great body, and it does good curves (wink wink)! It also runs on compressed air!! Oh Nilly!!! You read right! Compressed air!!! It nice to earth, and saves you MONEY!!! I mean like, hello? Who dose not want to save cash? All your friends head will turn when you drive by with this sexy beast!! All the girls will be like dddaaaaaaaaammmmmmm!!!!!! And for all you girls out there, this is a great conversation starter! You girlfriends will envy you!!! Your air compressed car brings all the boys to YOUR yard!!!

But what is Air Compressed?

Glad you asked!!! Cars that run on air compressed engines, are really eco friendly. Unlike most cars, you can actually fill your car up at home. Which, therefore, making it cheaper to travel. Want to know just how clean it is? Well just take a look at our pie chart at the bottom. Astonishing right? Mind=Blown!!!


When did we first use this: We've been doing this for years now! In fact, the first car ran on air! They used something that was like the steam engine to run a car. But we switched to fuel because it made our cars faster.

How are air compressed cars different from electric cars: They are actually very much alike! The difference between the two are that air compressed cars is that these cars have electric motors to compress the air, but since the electric motors don't power the wheels, they're not considered electric cars.

This car is supported by Captain Planet!!!!! WWHHHHAAAATTTTT?????