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This is Andrew and I'm here to inform and answer anything you may want to know about how you came to be. Have you ever wondered why red-haired people have freckles as well? This is because MC1R makes both of these things. Thought about why most people have brown hair? This happens for the reason brown hair is a dominant gene, or when two genes collide to form something new, the darker gene in human cases will come out on top. Got another question? Just stay put to learn more!

Now time for some other important things.

Have you ever thought why couples look alike in their older age? I found many interesting theories, but one in particular stood out. I, personally, thought that the emotions you share with your spouse change the way you look. This could be possible because the way that you use the muscles in your face(for better or worse) could over time shape your face to look like your loved one because you share the emotions.

On to another important topic. Alleles are one member of a pair of genes(genetic traits) that are passed down from your parents to you.

Some interesting examples are...

Some things that we are doing...

Survey Results

I did a survey for male and female opinions and here they are. Some trends I see are that most of the younger age groups do not know if friends and family you spend a lot of time with affect how you look while everybody else says no, they don't.

I also found out that the younger age group does not usually know what a punnet square is which could by useful at my expo. P.S. Some of my surveyed people did not cooperate.

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