Bay Port Grads "Living the dream!"

Life is Manditori

Every goal starts with a dream, whether it be helping animals or pursuing a career in country/pop music in Nashville.

Manditori (pronounced Mandatory) is a country/pop duo consisting of Mandi Sagal and Tori Occhino. Both Mandi and Tori are 2012 Bay Port graduates who moved to Nashville shortly after graduation to pursue their dreams. Since January of 2013, they have been writing, performing, recording, and working their “tails” off to make ends meet. It has been a journey of ups and downs thus far, but they are driven to succeed more than ever. Manditori’s short-term goal is to record an album, and in turn break into the music industry.

Similar to these two young women, Amanda Reitz, a graduate from Ashwaubenon High School and UW-Green Bay, was also able to follow her dreams. With the support of the community, Reitz founded Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary (HEA), a true no kill facility. HEA serves approximately 300 animals on a daily basis at both their Marion Sanctuary and Green Bay Adoption Center. Happily Ever After’s mission is to help reduce the pet population through spaying/neutering, to provide care and attention to animals who are looking for a home and help them find their forever families, to provide long-term care to animals needing care and rehabilitation, and to educate the public about issues concerning the welfare of animals.

These three local women teamed up for well attended concert in Green Bay. Manditori combined their passion for music with their passion for animal welfare to help benefit the animals at Happily Ever After (HEA) Animal Sanctuary.

Manditori returned to their hometown Tuesday, November 11, 2014 to perform at the Meyer Theatre and helped raise money to support what they love as much as their music……animals! "When we were approached by HEA to return to Green Bay to perform for their fundraiser ‘Life is Manditori’, we couldn’t pass it up. We love animals so much, and want to do whatever we can to help”, Sagal said. "We can’t think of a better way for us to help animals than to share our musical talent to help raise money for the cause”, added Occhino.

Following the concert, these young women will continue to follow their dreams. Mandi and Tori will return to Music City to search for their “happily ever after” in the music industry, while Amanda will continue to join forces with the community to make HEA's mission of helping animals find their “happily ever after” a reality.