Jim Stark

By: Matthew Barman


Some of Jim's traits are, he is angry, brave, and truthful. He shows his anger after he drinks and is at the police station. He yelled at his parents and punched the desk. He also was brave. He played chicken, driving towards a cliff, and he did not show fear. Jim also went in to get Plato when Plato had a gun. He was also truthful because he followed through with what he said. Like when he told Plato he could have his coat, and he still let him have it after Plato died. He also said what he was thinking when he told his father that he is weak.


Even though the movie is called "A Rebel Without a Cause" Jim actually had one. He did the things he did because he wanted his family to care for him. He also hated being called a chicken. He probably thought they called him that because he moved so much and kind of was running from his problems.

Character Growth

Jim grew through out the movie in a few ways. He gained friends and respect. At the end his father was finally strong and helped pick him up. Now he is a happier person with a real family.


I think the chickie run is a symbol of bravery. It shows that Jim is willing to do things to prove himself.

Main Lesson

I think that the main lesson in the movie is that you need your family even when you do not think you do.


I would best relate to Jim because he tries to do the right thing through out the movie. I try to do that even if others do not think it is cool.