The Truth Of Caesars Death

Brutus proves unloyalty

The story

After hiding the jealousy towards his once close friend, Brutus reveals his true colors. Brutus turned against Caesar along side mark Antony and attempted to win over everybody by attempting to convince them they would live as slaves if Caesar lived. Caesar was stabbed at least 23 times by some of his closest comrades. But even tho Caesar was warned to "beware of the ides of march" he allowed his cockiness to become a weakness. Now that Caesar is gone, Brutus now claims he loved and respected Caesar, but also claims Caesar had to go.

The inside

Antony's guilt

Now that Caesar is gone, Brutus attempts to persuade his people that Caesar had to die. Which of course worked after using his brain. The people are now on Brutus's side and stand along side him. Mark Antony meanwhile, attempts to let his people know of how Brutus betrayed Caesar. Mark Antony was also tricked into killing his friend and of course regrets it.