Town's beloved children attacked by angered man.

Late Tuesday night, Jem and Scout Finch, son and daughter of town lawyer Atticus Finch, were attacked after walking home from the Halloween pageant. Bob Ewell was the suspected attacker. The Finch's reported that as they were walking home after the pageant they heard someone following them. Next thing they knew someone was coming after them with what seamed to be a kitchen knife. Scout Finch was protected by her ham costume from the pageant. However, Jem Finch was knocked unconscious while trying to fight off Ewell. Luckily, a visitor from out of town saw the incident and carried Jem to their house where he was examined by Dr. Scott Reynolds. Ewell was found with the knife in his chest most likely from being triped and falling on the knife.

" Without the my costume design they both would be dead, " said Miss Merriweather. "I should be getting compensation for this. I saved everybody's lives." Merriweather went on to say, "Maybe this is karma for messing up my pageant."


Mayor came home to see his cherished dog dead.

Last week Wednesday Mayor Johnson, came home from a business trip to see that his dog, Tim Johnson, was shot dead by Maycomb residents. Witnesses reported that the dog was running down the street with foam oozing from his mouth.

"He was always so kind and loving to all Maycomb folk. He would never harm a soul. I don't understand why anyone would shoot him." Johnson.

Atticus Finch was later claimed the shooter. " I had to do what I had to do. He was going to bite one of us and I couldn't take any chances."


First Solo Flight Across the Atlantic

On May 20th, 1932, she took off from Harbor Grace, Newfoundland, to Paris. Strong winds, icy conditions, and mechanical problems caused her to land the plain in a pasture near Londonderry, Ireland. After the word of her flight got out reporters questioned her from all over the world.President Herbert Hoover presented Earhart with a gold medal from the National Geographic Society. Congress awarded her with the first Distinguished Flying Cross given to a woman. Vice President Charles Curtis praised her courage and commended her on her skills to carry out a mission that risked her life.Earhart said that her flight proved women can do anything men can do.

Maycomb County Winter Ball

Saturday, Dec. 9th 1933 at 6-8pm

Maycomb County High School Gymnasium

We welcome all students in grades 9-12 to the Maycomb County Winter Ball on December 9th will be served at 5:30 in the Cafeteria with a dance to follow ending at 8:00. Girls are to wear dresses and boys are to wear slacks with dress shirts.
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First Snow Fall

Image shows the first snow fall in Maycomb since 1885. The children were found building snowmen in their yards
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Miss Maudie's House

Image shows Miss Maudie's house after the fire took place. The fire was reportedly started by some wood falling out of her fire place.