Keeping Up With The Kennedy

March 15, 2020- Issue 25


On Tuesday, JFK recognized Holi by dressing in bright colors. All grades had a great time.

This week we will take a peek into what’s happening in the 2nd grade…

The second grade students have been working very carefully on adding and subtracting within a 1000. They are using concrete models and drawings to help them solve these challenging problems. They are using all they know about place value to help them find multiple ways to solve these problems!

Literacy Circle

This week we will talk literacy experiences for students in Kindergarten...

I had the pleasure of working in Ms. Mourad’s Kindergarten class this week during Writing Workshop. We practiced telling our stories “bit by bit”. They watched me write my story of the time I was trying to buy tickets to Martha’s Vineyard and my daughter Bella saw a dog and got scared. They gave me a signal when they thought I should start a new page and picture.

I was impressed with how quickly they figured out how to share only a little bit of the story at a time. Students thought of their own stories they could tell “bit by bit” and estimated how many pages they might need to write their stories.

Idea for home:

Staple together 4-5 blank pieces of paper. Lay pencils, colored pencils, crayons, markers and more on the table. Encourage your child to tell a story “bit by bit”. Writers keep the reader interested and don’t spill it all out on the first page. I would love to see some “books” that are written at home during this week off!

Next Year's School Hours

Please be aware that next year JFK school hours change.

Start time: 8:40

Dismissal: 2:55

Early Dismissal: 11:50

Kidsborough's hours will be:

AM: 7:00-8:15

PM: 2:55-6:00

Upcoming Events

All activities are postponed until further notice.

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