End Food Waste

Facts about hunger and food waste.

Many people in the world struggle to come up with enough food for one day. About 840 million people world wide have issues obtaining food for themselves.

Most people who do struggle to obtain enough food for themselves, live in developing countries.

Approximately 1.5 million children die of starvation each year.

With all the food produced in the world, we have enough to feed the entire world, but some people don't have the money or means to get it.

25% of children world wide are either under weight or malnourished.

An estimated 10% of food sold at restaurants ends up in the trash,

The United States alone wastes about 165 billion dollars worth of food yearly.

Nearly a third of food world wide is either wasted or lost.

Scrapes of food make up about 17% of what we send to the landfill.